On cloudy days pike can to stand the whole day on quite small areas

Among the lures, one of the most successful spinning lures, adopted a fairly arbitrary classification according to the body shape, the intensity dip at the beginning of the transaction, and the degree of buoyancy.

On the basis of the first parameter usually distinguish these types of lures like minnow, shady, fate, rattlin and cranky, which will be a conversation.

At first glance Wobbler crank – bait is rather primitive. Thrown away and started wiring uniform, which must respond fish. Something akin to a pinwheel, in any case – very chopper like. But why take one lure to 700 rubles and more, if it’s so easy? If to take in the issue “head-on”, it turns out that the KranK is very interesting bait, suitable for use in a variety of conditions and different fish.


Here’s what can be easier than bass? But sometimes perch Riddler. Well, with small, usually no difficulties arise. But medium and especially large – complexity is almost always. The latest example is the beginning of the spinning of the 2011 season in the upper reaches of the Cheboksary reservoir.

A year ago, the bass is very well spoken here on the twitching of wobblers 60-80 mm, and this year we went to some whims. Whether used to twitching the lure, or something else, but was interested in the striped wobblers “minnow” is pretty weak. Huntsman fishing camps where we stayed, confirmed the speculation, saying that successfully catch perch up to 300 grams per meter.

Where does the turntable really get in there and crank. As a result of the transition from crank-crank minnow on, perch was caught and more stable, and larger. For melakim (and this hvosta Islands, and the top of the Seine estuary Svalov, and “navel”) was used, of course, the shallow version of the lure – SSR and SR. The perch here has really caught up to 300 grams, not larger. In such places, and goes big, but in the twilight, in the evening.

But during the day the large bass are holding deeper. And if on a cloudy day, the humpback can reach a depth of less than two meters, on a Sunny day you can only get him with the best “divers” with depth of over two meters. These lures are marked DR or DD.

Now about the transaction. It does not strictly have to be “dumb” ravnomernoi. Even on fairly small places, overgrown by mid-June, sparse grass is more appropriate to use tipovyh (or deep runners) options the kranks’. Yes, there are hooks for the grass, but sometimes or transaction is when you swipe your lure along the bottom, or no fish. Krenk, by the way, pretty good bounces from obstacles, and snags, sometimes not so much.

Features carp fishing in September

If the hook has occurred, it is necessary, on reaching the place the Circlip closely, to try to free the lure with severe uncoupling. My unhook weighs more than a kilogram. Long could not decide to buy this, but now sure of the correct choice.


Quite often caught along with bass in his fishing. For a small lure, a length of less than 4 cm And hot summers – and even small bait would be more appropriate. But there is a “universal” size for big perch and pike. It will be 5 cm In this size is a great bait from many firms. And fortunately, many of these baits are available in two or even three versions, differing in the depth of the dive. As an example, Rapala CK 50F. This is three versions: with immersion depth of 30 cm, one meter and two meters.


For a number of reasons and the tributaries of the Volga-rich IDE, and the southern Chub, but on the Volga river Chub and IDE “keep parity” and often caught alternately from one and the same place on the same bait. And these lures often become cranky. Better small compact, such as Diving Chubby 38 from Salmo or Deep Cra-Pea from Lucky Craft.

The Parking Chub and IDE could not be so difficult if there is flow. For example, Islands for often washes away the pits, where the flow is twisted in suwadi. If from the same island bent down to water the tree trunks is the right Parking Chub or IDE.

And here we have the decisive advantage of the KranK in front of the chopper. Perhaps chopper “white predator” will take and no less willingly, but to bring the chopper under overhanging the water tree is sometimes an impossible task.

And crank – nothing could be simpler. Most of known to me the kranks ‘ have positive buoyancy, so you need only to stand upstream and float Wobbler to the right place. However, accurate casting and here has not been canceled, so you need a well-balanced tackle.

Spinning for the KranK, in my opinion, should not be too long (no longer than 8 feet) and have a middle fast action.

The coil catching on in the crank and not go to such loads as a fishing twitching, so lightweight models from Daiwa Luvias 2508 is fine. Cord for Chub and IDE choose with a breaking load of about 5 kg.

IDE stick with the Chub in other places, for example under the banks of the Volga flow, and at the entrances to such channels. Small, up to 400 grams, IDE and rests in a fundamentally different place – in the stony shallow water pretty far from shore. It is mostly caught roaches weighing 150-300 grams, which, from my point of view, and have culinary value. Roach three days kept in the salt and under pressure, and then soaked in clean water a couple of hours and dried. Dark fatty meat roach in no way inferior to sun-dried meat of the famous “sea” of sorage of the Gorky reservoir. But proselyte thick back larger IDE failed, so caught a bullhead weighing more than 300 grams me automatically released back home. Chub is released regardless of size.

Successfully catch IDE and Chub you can, of course, not only on large rivers. On small rivers fishing from shore to crank “white predator” is also quite effective. Although in General for a small river I would have reduced the bait size, limiting the length of 4 cm, while on the Volga good work five-centimeter model.


If in the case of Chub and IDE crank bait is No. 1 in the catching fish I would put the KranK place on the fourth or fifth after pilkerton oscillating spinners, wobblers “minnow” and turntables, and possibly below the streamers and Babikov.

Small Chub are quite often caught when fishing for perch and pike on Melaka, but for hunting large I would definitely have made a choice in favor of a fundamentally different bait. But catching fish on crank – a rather ordinary event, enliven fishing, so ASP is very our customer and welcome guest, and immediately let go, by the way.


Most often we catch walleye on a completely other baits on jig, discharge leash or at least in deepwater lures “minnow”. And cranky often used when night fishing for pike. Usually this trip starts steadily with the arrival of hot summer weather in July and lasts until mid – late August.

Egg – outs on Malak from the pits and rifts. In the heat of last season, night fishing was almost the only option, so many of my countrymen practiced it night spinning.

But to catch walleye on crank is not only at night. Can and day, especially if the day is cloudy. I have not once in the article refer to the cloudy weather as a factor in successful fishing. Really, think calm (or nearly calm) cloudy weather is best for catching of a predator. According to my observations, only Bursch highlighted well caught on Sunny days, but the Bursch is not “trankovoy” fish, so we today are not interested in it.

If the flow passes over the pit 4 metres and more, it is hoped that the bait will not only Chub or IDE, and perch. Don’t rush! The transaction should be very slow, even with the stops, if the flow allows the crank to play without reeling. Of course, the advantage will be the lure, quickly sanyaasa to a depth of over two meters.


Fall for Rudd maybe in the proposed pike or large perch five-centimeter KranK, but the system of fishing is only possible on a small vobleri no longer than 3 cm.

One day in June storm drove us into a small Volga Bayou, where we hid under the Lee, quite a high Bank. On big water I walked the troubled waves, and in the channel was very quiet, even could see the circles from walking fish. Of course, we immediately tried this to catch fish. Some time nothing happened until we resorted to using very small the kranks ‘ – “germs”, as they call such lures fans of the ultralight. That’s when we started to record frequent bites of small fish. Two hours until the front passed the weather, we have successfully potenciali the Rudd and wasn’t mad at the bad weather circumstances, to drive out the us with great water.

So Rudd is quite possible to catch on crank purposefully and systematically. It is a pity that rarely catches fish bigger than 200 grams. Rudd kept always near aquatic plants and prefers places with little current where he can receive good

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