On pike hand with ultralight

Fishing was selected shallow part of the river with a depth of a meter; because he was already warmed by the sun, the fish were there most active. It was quiet, warm and clear. On the surface of the water was observed the activity of the predator, actively spinning their fry, which this year is especially busy.

On the water and arrived early. At five o’clock in the morning pumped up the boats and lowered them into the water. I took two sets, but caught mainly ultralajtovogo Norstream Nibble 662 UL.

I started to catch on spinners, but the fish for some reason they were not interested. @ Test spinning from 0.8 to 6 grams I mainly used spinners to 2. cord #0.6 PE casting was not very far, but when fishing from a boat I it was enough.

Then I decided to catch the Raptor with the dash wiring on a variety of lures-minnow.

With the shallow versions of these lures up to 5 grams no problems, but the minnow from 5 to 6 grams spinning practiced “soft twitch”. The fact that by its structure a Nibble – “regular” with the tubular tip. This feature of the spinning brings it closer to a universal type rods.

On this fishing “Nibble” has developed well when fishing on cranky.

After I went through half of the box taken with you on fishing lures, I got a shallow crank with little penetration. His choice was explained simply: the fish feed mainly at the surface. And she said this crank almost immediately.

There was a sharp blow, and at the other end of the cord twitched frisky surenos who fought to the last.

Spinning well kept the jerks fish, while he worked the top third of the blank. After this episode was another series of successful strikes, and they all ended with the capture of fish.

Gatherings were not. Casting crankbaits with a mass of 4-5 g it turned out quite decent – about 30 meters.

An unusual facet of the tackle opened when fishing for active bass on spinners-the cicadas. The cicadas flew very far, and their transaction react the tip of the rod. The bite of even a small perch was transferred to his hand, it brought a lot of positive emotions.

As to the balance of gear, the spinning reel I equipped with coil Stinger Innova Ultralight 2506, which weighs 220 grams.

Tackle, in my opinion, is well-balanced, any discomfort I felt.

Norstream Nibble 662 UL, in my opinion, can be considered as a budget wagon, with a gradient of fishing lures and crankbaits. In addition, it can be used when fishing with not much poristye jerk bait.

I tried it and Microdrive where they’re catching with weights from 2 to 4 grams. But to consider it as a purely microcephaly option I would not.Gone fishing. The elements of the arm of the EVA was in the fish slime that has washed with difficulty.

This is probably the only negative I found at the “Nibble”. Other cons for it’s price look ridiculous.

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