Perch fishing on small rivers with noticeable current

Of course, each winter season is very different: that a long time held a strong frost, it often rings nearly of the spring thaw, or neither, and then sweeping blizzards, hiding a thick impenetrable blanket of frozen water, stop the access of air and light under the ice.

It is a real gluhozime with Zamora and complete lack of fish in shallow ponds and lakes. Poachers-grabbers are just waiting for the moment when the fish will begin to “throttled”, the masses will accumulate around springs or streams flowing into the lake, and then it will be easy to draw, breaking the ice.

And yet even in the difficult period of winter manage to find a considerable number of water bodies where the true angler will find an interesting fishing. It is important to understand in relation to a particular fishing spot behaviors of fish at the time of gluhozime.

Consider for example, the habits of the bass, which is more than just our waters, and because the squad hunting him with a representative.

In addition, the bass in all periods of the winter in their activity markedly superior to other members of the fish population, yielding sometimes is that Ersu, therefore, to understand whether it is worthwhile to try to extract a roach or a bream, “test” feature on the perch. One could argue that there is “Platina” weather, and sometimes “perches”, therefore it is not necessary to thaw to judge the bite for perch. It is possible to answer that the mitigation of frost and snow do not have to catch redfish on the same “perch” areas – shallow ridges and underwater humps.

He, like all other fish, during the thaw in gluhozime begins to look for places where the melt water, where he could catch my breath, get rid of the annoying leeches, and, of course, be fed accumulated here a trifle. And therefore will not fish “striped”, even the thin rope where there are only a few passive predators, but even the large spoon will catch equal in size to her “sailor”, if you can find fattening flock.

Thus, the obvious conclusion is that no matter how it was hard in gluhozime, but this time more need to search for concentrations of fish, and the works will be recovered with interest. How can you look for places where it perch? First of all, on the seabed and in the water column, since the onset of the harsh conditions under the ice “striped” most exposed vertical migrations, sometimes clinging to the very bottom edge of the ice “roof”. An indicator of the presence of feeding bass can be a fish that suddenly semiliterate in the just made hole, it is not afraid of the unusual bright light.

While perch fishing, especially from under the ice, the hole better be carefully darkened, because the predator avoids over-lighting. For the “seed” of the predator is more useful to start with a proven spinners – it quickly tightens bass from long distances. However, if will be a lot of empty “knocks” or podbadrivali fish, then you should immediately go to catch with a jig. Attempts to do the reverse, that is, the replacement jig on the spinner to increase the speed of fishing typically leads to scattering of Okuneva pack.

Experienced anglers, especially athletes, whose perch was the main prey, have long learned to collect under the hole “stripes” and without spinners – its on the competitions can not be used. They often, in small portions, are beginning to throw in the hole feed bloodworms: bass from far away picks up the vibration from the living slowly lowered swarming “clouds” and feed on all sides going to the hole climbing higher to the ice, where the density “cloud” of the Joker more.

The angler remains only synchronous with the fish to shorten the line and increase the speed of catching – it is important to look into the eyes, then success will be astounding.

Very interesting in the most difficult period of winter seem to be catching it perch on small rivers with appreciable current, where it looks like all the fish just “knows” what gluhozime. However, fishing here requires a certain discretion and even caution, to suddenly not be in the icy font, albeit on a very small depth. The fact that the middle of winter, ice thickness on rivers becomes the maximum, it reduces the cross section of river bed and inevitably leads to increased flow on river channel formation of gullies, covered with only a thin snow-ice crust.

But the increased flow pushes the perch close to the coast, under thick ice and in the almost stagnant water grouper does not like rapid current, in contrast to, for example, from Dace, Chub, roach, gudgeon. To discover the Parking lot striped predator is often necessary to drill holes near the shore where the depth is barely two dozen centimeters. Of course, the hole needs to be carefully darkened, so as not to spook wary of large fish. Sometimes you have to wonder how many perches fit on a very small patch, when successfully found the site of the bite checked on the jig followed one after another for hours.

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