Perch on a hot day

In the last few weeks time fishing is almost gone, today still came out on the small perch. The morning to get out did not work, decided to sleep it off. The last couple of months and the sleep time is not enough, but it’s the little things in life.

And so to the pond I got already around 10 am. People were already sitting with feeder and poplavochnoj. I quietly gathered spinning and began to observe the pond. With an ultralight to 7 g and lures up to 2 inches. Let’s just say fishing in the easy mode, without lures and big baits. In the first place began to bathe the imitation of G-Tail Saturn from Perch’ik 2-inch size on the ogruzka 2 G.

But just a couple of vague contacts with nano okoshkom on the first two casts and then silence. What to do… to Change the bait of course. Then decided to leave on Troutino from Lucky John and the story remains the same, indistinct contact, and all… But a fact there are many lures. This is where all the Lure Max. And then finally, the first perch on Picolino in the color motor oil and 1.5 inches.

The bite started to go several times in one cast. But the result – or the gathering, or just a nibble. 5-7 casts of the bite and all came to naught. After having reflected, put Pople-Popper and I understand that artificial bloodworms forgot… Cant however… the place of the usual hook on the leash is 30 cm from the fluorocarbon tie a jig about 0.2 g bright red, and stick a piece of silicone bait… And then it began, just a throw, immediately bite sometimes so much that they passed already in hand.

A couple of rybachkov and Rudd already on the beach. The resistance of such fish is very strong and colorful. Very interesting and exciting to catch. But the size is not pleasing in any way, please only the frequency of capture. Overall caught about 20 and decided to stop mockery of the fish and to look for perch. Did not even take pictures.

Nall to think. If Picolino in the amount of 1.5 of the reaction are not to detect the cause of the gatherings in the bait. need something in the same color and size, but the body was thinner. Mount Max Pinhhead Lure Minnow 1.5 in the color motor oil and begin to make casts… But only a couple striped ones and came down to the shore.

And then I came up with the idea. It’s all about the ogruzka. Too much weight, but I understand that less than 2 g I do not have. And again the thought: “it is a Pity that still no kit morishima, more precisely he was going, but wait even just a couple of weeks. Then I looked at the nano bass.” And had no choice but to mount the bypass leash. The load of 6 g, the leash is 1.2 m from the fluorocarbon 0.14 diameter, hook the Owner of #10 and Pinhhead bait Minnow 1.5.

Although I have to say – I’m not a fan of snap-ins posted. Well first cast and then bite. Here and perch. Further notice that at a distance of about 30 m from the shore the bass direct specifically presses a little on the top. Try to make a throw of approximately 3 meters ahead and to hold the bait. And notice this nuance.

Bite go as soon as the cargo touches the bottom. This is due to the fact that the bait is quickly sinking due to the weights, and then touch the same weight of the bottom bait on a leash and very slowly starts to go down. I think if so then you need to try coy th. I started making fast winding coil. Two turns and a pause in 2-3 seconds. The result perch were collected from each casting or release or at the first pause in the cycle of the transaction.

The poplavochnikov saw this whole picture and was in disbelief that so you can catch perch, even small ones. In the end, on counting I lost the count immediately, but in 3 hours of fishing, with a catch on every cast perch was very much, took a bit for cats, and for the most part ( about 98%) is released back. Of course you want to catch larger fish, but the training will last for a couple of weeks, so will have to wait. Then the situation with the frequency of your fishing fix. A positive charge is obtained and it’s time to work again.

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