Pergolide, the period of ice fishing

A narrow-minded point of view, the annual freezing of some part of the planet is just a natural disaster, which must somehow survive, either moving South to warmer seas, or as little as possible going into the street, where savage frost or howling snowstorm, and all sorts of cold-related illness and strive to cling to every shivering citizen.

That’s why at least the weekend should be sure to sit in the home warmth and comfort, indulging in simple human weakness.

However, there are others, and they are many for whom winter is manna from heaven, a miraculous phenomenon of nature, the expected with the big impatience, the cooler it becomes. And first of all fans of winter sports and a huge army of hunters and fishermen.

Regarding the latter, ice-fishing fish – a unique Russian invention that was spread in those countries where winter happens.In the curative effects of winter fishing on the human body had no time to see, watching some guy all summer peacefully dozing under a frog croaking near their fishing rods on Karaseva the pond, with the onset of freeze-up sort of a devil together with the youngsters rolled out in full uniform on ringing pervalidus, not behind or in punching a large number of holes, or in the excitement of ferret out ulovistyh places, in General, as if anew was born.

To an outside observer, not involved in this wonderful event – fishing from the ice, it may seem that all winter “penguins” dedicated to something is monotonous, and it is sad to hatching fish around the dark round Windows in the ice. But it is not so, and how strikingly similar the honey is different periods of winter, so different approaches to finding and catching fish in such conventional winter season, which the fishermen distinguish three: pergolide, gluhozime and last ice. About the features of fishing in these periods and will further the conversation.

Pergolide perhaps the most remarkable and loved by the anglers of the period of ice fishing. After the fall of slushy rain on the earth for 2-3 weeks a pure white peace – from the first crunchy snow, not yet fully covered the field, and as clear as glass ice on the frozen waters instantly.

The first ice is so good that he’s acting without deception: always warning crackling and warn too rashly angler, who crossed the invisible line, usually lying between the ice became strong and young, even a thin crust of ice. An exaggeration to say that all cases of “bathing” at the beginning of winter is the result of reckless behavior themselves fishermen, not knowing or neglecting the simplest rules of “relationship” with the ice.

And they are as follows:

  • don’t make a step without checking the strength of the ice is a successfully, but to beat it we must not ourselves that will step in, and a bit to the side;
  • to stay away from places where you see wet spots or frozen in the ice algae, shrubs, snags, and where the ice noted the accumulation of large air bubbles;
  • do not go on the ice from the shore, which is directly adjacent to the depth;
  • do not walk on thin ice in single file;
  • quickly leave the dangerous place, if done from the wells begins to beat the fountain of water;
  • be careful on the river;
  • be sure to have a means of insurance and saving.

Ice-fishing predator at the winter zhivtsovy bait or iuzovka

Pergolide is the short time when you can enjoy plenty of gambling hunt for perch: small “striped gang” congregating in huge flocks, and for real solid Humpbacks-heavyweights, leading secretive lives in the shadows of the deep Svalov or in the rubble of the snags. Cool, and its reckless contempt for the quality of the gear in early winter perch, most likely, and gave impetus to the phenomenon in the light of the marvelous inventions – ice spinners, and then the jigs that catch these predators without any bait.

In the early formation of the first ice perch recovered from the temperature shock caused by sudden cooling of the water and an abrupt change in its density, and so become for a time the sole owners of the ponds.

“Striped” before insatiable moments Jora in the young, and for the most part private, overlook the shallow water where it can barely turn around, or climb under the ice, clutching the small thing to its lower edge and depriving it of maneuver.

With these features of the behavior of fish associated used in the first ice high-speed methods of fishing. It is primarily the penetration of a series of holes on the ground, the shallow coastal drop-off, and if the depth of fishing big enough, after each caught redfish is good to shorten the line, forcing a carnivorous pack to rise higher and higher and faster delivering the bait to the fish by reducing the time of immersion and the fight with the fish trophy. But remember that bass are not a fan of bright light, so in Sunny day and no snow on the ice it is better to look in the shadows steep Svalov, and ice is useful to darken, having spread cloak, or throwing dry grass or straw – like artificial shade is to constantly attract the fish to the beginning of heavy snowfalls.

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