Quick cooling of water in autumn dictates

Fishing from a boat there is not always possible because normal in this time of bad weather and storm winds.

Quick cooling of water in autumn dictates underwater creatures, as victims and hunters, a certain line of conduct. In large reservoirs, large rivers, lakes and reservoirs, all fish followed by the predators (pike, pikeperch, ASP, perch, Chub), leave the shores for deeper, often inaccessible from the shore for lures tackle areas of reservoirs, but continue to feed actively until freeze-up.

In such a situation is to unburden the spinning can on small rivers, which are abundant in Central Russia. Fishing there is not without a certain originality and is more like a job hunter-tracker.

Sometimes a good fall fishing spinning on river Severka, Royce, Sturgeon, Lopasnya, Kashirke, Gum, Field, Thief, Nara, Ruza, the Vazuza, the top Moscow, Gate, Dubna, bear Berenice and many, many others. It is only necessary to know well the character of the river at different sections and navigate to the site where it is possible to expect the natural build-up of predators. As a rule, the old mill pools, river bed pits, deep pools and riffles below the rapids, Padmini in sharp bends of the channel. In such places going for the winter fish population of the river, to the same flock and predators.

Fishing on small rivers running. Often have to walk many miles during the day, examining one convenient place for others. Therefore, the equipment and clothing of the angler should fully satisfy all the requirements of camp life: warm and lightweight suit with good ventilation, comfortable shoes, small backpack. In most cases, the banks of the small streams are overgrown with weeds, shrubs and winds. Therefore, for ease of catching and movement it is better to use one-handed spinning length 1.6-1.8 m.

In a narrow body of water with clear cold water, a predator sees well all that is happening on the beach. If you go loud and bright clothing can scare cautious fish. Coming to a promising place, should observe silence and carefully masked. Often the success brings the first successful casting a lure from behind cover.

The coil it is better to use instantaneous. It allows you to apply a thin line (essentially in the clear water), enough to carry out long and accurate casts light bait without a strong swing.

As for bait, it is best proven Mepps spinners of various modifications (Aglia Long Comet No. 0, 1, 2); medium-sized spoon lures weighing up to 10 g; work well with floating wobblers elongated shape with coloring under roach, perch or gudgeon, which are fused downstream of the reach for direct casting locations (overhanging trees, shallow protruding snags), with subsequent posting against him. Changing the speed and direction of winding, causing the lure to dive, to float, to sh in much zakorjazhennye sites, where, as a rule, finds refuge predator.

Catching fish advice from seasoned fishermen

Very good results with their direct transaction give a 4-6 inch silver-black vibrohvosta mounted on a light lead head.

There is an observation that perch, Chub, ASP take a better more bright, intense “play” bait and pike, on the contrary, more dark and “sluggish”, with a sluggish game. But there are no rules without exceptions… Standing in wait, a predator usually attacks reflex, reacts to movement and color, the game and the size of the bait then not of crucial importance.

Often in clear water, at a shallow depth, when the distance all this is happening sighted on the eye of the angler. Here, gleaming and zapoloshnye like a frightened fish, the “flailing” petal water, is close to the bottom on the line my favorite “spinner”. See every twig, every leaf or stone lying on the bottom. No fish… And then… the flash of dark lightning rush tackle from the hands, and spin desperately on a reliable tee frisky pike, sparkling white belly and lifting the haze and spray in just calm water. Long-awaited and exciting moment!

Inquisitive and persistent spinning, who knows the Nature, can always achieve a good result on a small river, cozy current framed by high banks. A heavy green grouper-humpback or quick elongated hairgrass, sharp-smelling autumn cold, will make him a good reward. Just do not forget, gently removing the hook, to let klonowski the halfling. It’s future success and joy struggle with persistent predator on the favorite place.

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