Recreation on Each lake Peipsi

Recreation Friend is in D. Salakhova, directly into the spawning Bay. For its size lake Peipsi is the fifth largest in Europe. Its length is 96 km, and the width reaches 50 km, lake Peipsi is rich in fish reserves, and the picturesque nature and close proximity to the cities (to St. Petersburg, about 160 km) makes this place very popular with fishermen and campers.

Directly on the shores of the lake only 4 camp sites and bases of rest.

Recreation Friend. Infrastructure:

Beach, bath, rental, billiard, Corona, fitness center, boathouse, gazebo, barbecue area, Parking for cars, fishing.

Tourists can enjoy exciting walks in the woods, skating and skiing. Removal of the lake for recreation and fishing on snowmobiles with sledges.

In summer You can enjoy the warm sunshine, sunbathing on a great beach and swim in the pond, ride a boat, boats. Immediately at the base of the mushroom and berry places.

On the basis of rest there is a wooden gazebo with a beautiful view of the picturesque nature. For barbecue or fish, vacationers can take advantage of equipped areas with barbecue.

Leisure: Russian Banya. Sauna. Beach/shore. Fishing. Gathering of mushrooms and berries. Gazebos. Barbecues
Sport: Skating. Ski. The snowmobiles. Boats. Boats. Volleyball. Football. Billiard. Crown. Simulators

Can accommodate:
in separate rooms in the Guest house or take 1/4 (2 rooms) up to 1/2 (5 rooms) whole house
there are 5 houses of different categories from 1-room to 4-bed standard,
to 3-room 9 –seat.

In addition, the base has Camping can accommodate up to 10 tents. Relaxing at the Campsite can make use of free Parking. electricity, drinking water, toilets, showers, barbecues, beach, sunbeds, children’s and sports grounds

The export in winter, snowmobile sleigh rides with car seats, on the lowest prices on the coast: bays, tools and Rashpal
-the lake in the direction of Pontipee – Rashpal -Ostrovtsy,
– .- Clenna – Storozhynets.
-towards Estonia on the removal of up to 8 km.

Limited access to our Coast – (border zone), but we’re working on the official permission of the FSB and from You to travel on our “guest Card” you need only Passport
The earliest timing of the start of winter fishing (the first ice is on the bays) – this winter from us fish for 1.5 months
The latest dates for the end of the winter fishing ( the ice melts and breaks up in to bays)

Location almost all houses along the beach and the water’s edge of the Bay
Base area – the best beach part of the territory only in the Soviet era, summer camp on lake Peipsi, and Children, as we know, singled out the good

– can cook (in the houses have kitchen corners and the guest house has 2 full kitchens). Everywhere there are 4 or 2 burner gas stove, refrigerators, microwave ovens
– you can fry the meat and barbecue in the outdoors – free of charge barbecues, grills
– you can eat in the Restaurant on a nearby friendly base 999 – it is necessary to pass 50 metres
– you can buy food or eat out in the cafés nearest D. Spitsino.
Quiet, peaceful, small and friendly base

The distance of 230 km. from the red village. To the message 86 km of Road to our intersection asphalt, in good condition. From the intersection of us to 900 m. the road grader through the pine forest.

Beautiful chopped bath of aspen, which is heated “on-black”. In the bath and is an additional powerful oven of the Finnish “Harvia legends.”
Rent housing for any period from 1 day.

Accommodate Your Pets reasonable size, observing the Rules of keeping animals in human settlements of the Russian Federation.
Secure Parking virtually next to the houses.

24 hours a day and 365 days a year
– any related information on the location, ice conditions, fish bite in the surrounding areas of the town of Gdov to d. Ostrovtsy
– Accepting orders for placement and removal in the lake
– Accommodation and service to guests and visitors

The Deposit for the reservation in the amount of 30% by any method:
– on the Card of Sberbank or VTB24, Yandex money, cash
– at the expense of phone operators MegaFon and MTS

Upon cancellation of the reservation:
– transfer the booking to another date and time
– the return of the Deposit in the amount of from 20 to 50% depending on the term of failure

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