Rock Out With The All-New Heavy Metal Tungsten Line Up

The Heavy Metal Tungsten brand celebrates this metal with another awesome form of metal: Rock & Roll. Tungsten is the most precious metal to all fishing enthusiasts, for its increased sensitivity and durability.

Through head-banging rock and all the themes associated with it, Heavy Metal Tungsten forms one of the most electric brands of jigs and jig heads are known to anglers today.

With a rockin’ product for almost any terminal technique, the Heavy Metal Tungsten lineup will provide you with hardworking, longlasting, and environmentally baits specifically designed to help you catch the bigguns.

Heavy Metal Dropshot Weights

The most popular drop shot weights are the ball-shaped sinkers, but there are times when you need a stick-shaped weight for catching bass around specific types of cover. The stick weight can be considered a finesse sinker because its slender shape allows it to slide through grass, brush or other thick covers without snagging.

You can also drop shot with this weight along bottoms with boulders because it slips easily through the rock crevices whereas the ball-shaped weight tends to roll and get stuck in narrow cracks. The stick weight is also ideal for drop shotting in heavy current because the cylinder shape allows the weight to drift with the flow and tick the tops of the rocky bottom without rolling down into the rocks where it can get snagged.

Heavy Metal Bullet Weights(Flipping And Worm)

A bullet weight sinker can be used in virtually any presentation but you’re two most popular bass applications will be flipping and pitching or fishing a Texas rig. When flipping or pitching you tight to cover or dense vegetation, make sure to peg your rig. When unpegged, your bullet weight sinker will slide up your line and free fall when fished. This slows the baits fall rate while also helping make your plastic look like it’s chasing a baitfish (the bullet weight). We all know bass are competitive so this can also help trigger strikes.

Carolina rigging a tungsten sinker is ideal for dragging along soft bottom like sand or mud. Tungsten weights will also shine when fished near hard structure like shell beds, rocks, and gravel bottoms. The added sensitivity will help increase noise and sensitivity. Drop a tungsten weight and a lead weight on some blacktop or concrete and you’ll be able to hear the difference these two metals will make.

Heavy Metal Shakey Head/ Ned Heads

Tungsten ned rigs and shaky heads will help you provide a downsized profile while getting your bait down to the bottom quickly. Target shallow water with the lighter Ned Rig models in the 1/8 and 1/10 oz sizes and step up to the heavier models in deep water, heavy wind, or current.

The shaky heads will be best served offshore when fishing points, reefs, humps, saddles, and other structure where bass roam. Whether you’re marking fish on a graph or just have your eye on juicy looking point, tie on the Heavy Metal Tungsten Shaky Head.

Heavy Metal Football Jig

Offshore fishing is the most popular use case for football jig fishing. By design, football jigs are meant to be fished around rocks and structure typically in deep water. The football-shaped head helps the jig head rock-n-roll through rock, timber, and other offshore cover or structure.

Make long casts with the Heavy Metal Tungsten Football Jig confidently knowing that its light weed guard and the sticky sharp hook will help you pinfish with long-distance hook sets.

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