Rules of catch

So we waited for again, a time when the rules of catch, we will determine with high stands of the Ministry of agriculture and known Agency. No luck with fishing, so here to pin down, Russian man lives a Paradise may seem.

For the fishery the scope for corruption becomes more widespread. It is easier angler-Amateur fine sitting on the Bank with a fishing rod than to chase boats with motors over a hundred forces or “electrotechnical” tracking – the destroyers of all living things.

That’s how much I remember, we always shorten the fishermen do. Don’t touch people’s property, hands off from sterlet! This is for the regional Committee and the trade Union. And it was not so long ago, in the time of the Soviet power. The sterlet, sturgeon and caviar, then gulped the Communists in the ranks. And you don’t, even if the rod catch.

Yes there sterleQB!.. Roach anemic will not find then in stores. Except that the market of under the counter offer, and openly not – speculation. Only the angler may enjoy fresh fish directly from the river, however, the so-called weed: bass, plotvits. Well, of pike, of course, perch. It’s already a delicacy.

Now little has changed. The Communists changed clothes and stayed in the same seats. And also beat, they say, not Deputy. It’s ours, and you come out bleak catch the bait, and sturgeon don’t – put. And most importantly, the fish inspector, the work going on holiday anglers to Rob and extort vodka, then, as poachers under their noses network to choose, and then servicemen mesh put in impound. We have seen enough of it. Not only that, all of the tributaries in the spring of partitioned networks, and their like and no for the fishery, so now with licenses caught in the Volga ducts, taking out all life in the spring spawning prohibition, when ordinary fishermen, even from the shore you can’t sail in a boat.

Now to the point…

As promised our benefactors, at the end of the first spring month, i.e. on days or at the beginning of April, before the Russian angler will bring daily allowance of fish that will be Rules, as they say, forever.

Here, however, cover a doubt: as it does not adjust the rules in the evolving situation and conditions in the reservoirs?

However, as with the rules of the spring spawning prohibition, which for different regions of the country different standards of fish catch for each place will be different. Apparently, this will solve the local rulers together with inspection. Siberian regions and some southern have already received your standards and, apparently, already living with them. It is a Western, Baikal, West-Siberian, East-Siberian, the Northern, the Azov-black sea pools. The latest who will provide information on the rules of fishing, will be the far Eastern and Volga-Caspian basins.

Daily allowance of fish

Daily allowance of fish already existed in a certain General aspect, that is, without considering the peculiarities of the region and bodies of water that are in a particular location. Now for every Russian area, these rules will be separate. And here we can agree. You cannot compare the great Siberian river with some forest river twenty meters wide or urban river-gryaznushka.

Judging from the fragmentary information, norms will be determined for other biological resources, obviously, to catch crayfish.

Fines for violating the rules of fishing

As always, the requirements of the rules and regulations will control the inspectors of fisheries. Fines for violations are expected to be within five thousand rubles with the lower strap at two thousand. In addition, violators face confiscation of a boat and tackle.

What if you caught one great big fish, which exceeds by weight the daily rate of catch?

And it’s simple. Cut bait and go home… Or fish in the water let go, if she still moves her fins. But I think hardly anyone will force the fisherman to cut bait when the fish are biting. Not so often carries us on a good bite. However, fans of entertainment on the formula of “catch and release” can go on forever. Hurt and shock a living creature, let out, let him die somewhere in the grass this fish. The fisherman, who, as befits a man obey the law of the earner will continue to look. However, let’s wait and see. The fish is still necessary to protect and preserve. Only it’s not always known to the masters of vessels merge poslaniye water, the Directors of factories, etching of the river sinks, the fishermen with electric rods.

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