Saturday morning on lake Certaly

Saturday morning at the lake Certaly met us complete calm and clear skies. Great weather for hunting, “stripes”, and it is for him we are a big company, made this March.

For our crew (me and Vadim-club SpinningLife) the pond was new. After some discussion, we decided to first try to find a perch among the reeds on the crank.

From five to nine in the morning, changing a few points, having touched a bunch of “plastic” and saw a few “o’s” and one capture (Vadim opened the “stripes” on the Rapala Husky jerk). Drastically change the place, go to the village in another part of the lake.

Activity of perch noticed at the entrance, quickly akarima…”buratinki” go into the water….full zero – wabi silent. Vadim decided to take a chance to try microjy (below us was a dense carpet of some unknown herbs) and pulls the first transaction “striped” under 300 grams, followed by a second (tripped Relax Twister 2″ S-090 …and then I have my patience ends, swing valleroy stick and grab microsoy, just grabs the same akuseru on Merega Tweezer wheel drive. M44. All end perch shifted. Trying to catch up. Will akarima.

The lure flew into the water. Blows….both make a sharp spinning cutting…to the crew of “double”…fish is successfully brought on Board. So even parked a couple of snappers and all striped left. We’re still a little twisted, trying to cling to the edge of the pack, but to no avail. Move to look further along the coastline.

About eleven, finally caught a perch. Depth 2.5-3 m, the bottom is all the same strange the grass, the isolated Islands which rise to the surface. High point shot five perches and moved 30 meters and continued fishing. The average size of the striped – 400 Worked mainly baits dark colors. My favorites would Tweezer’s from Merega in colors M44, M30, M34, Vadim also them, plus the Relax Twister 2″ S-090. Fishing lasted hours to two days, then on the water it is unbearable calmness and heat. Moved to camp, lunch and a NAP a couple of hours before Viceroy.

On hour fifth hour of the day. In Tempe sipping coffee at the camp, refreshed, with new forces, moved “into the sea”. Before the dawn is the time to check Matins-day developments.

The goal was to verify the presence of “striped” in other places. Attached Vadim and decided in the presence of “unknown grass” and to a depth of 2.5-3M. In this case, the search helped us: our “archaic sounder with strukturnom” – anchor 3.2 kg and a little spinning. The first performance was at the desired depth and as reported by “sounder”, after the fact, with no “strange grass” yielded no results on fish. And now, making his way through the reeds, next to a rather large window of open water, see below the surface “we need the grass”…while we were anchored and fixed the halyard, Vadim has dragged the first evening “striped” to the boat. All the same, the theory worked!!!! Want to catch a perch – looking for “strange grass”. When in this window, and caught twenties “thieves”, take on the daily dot.

Time around seven in the evening. The first production of….lure fly into the water…past….displace the casts……once again…we have contact. The perch in place, as reported on the radio the other crews. Driving is the same – up to five capture point and change of 30 meters. Bass was pleased with its wicked bite, and its average size also brought a lot of emotions. Tightened the other four of the crew.

The benefit of spot of the activity of the fish was quite impressive, about 500 by 600 meters, fit everything, and had a lot of permutations. The mass yield “striped” started as a switch, about nine in the evening, all crews stopped moving and caught one stripe after the other. This continued until almost complete sunset. All “dinner” ended as it had begun. Taxiing bait neprivaloma colors. I have everything also a favorite Tweezer 62mm wheel drive. M44, Vadim Relax Twister 2″ wheel drive. S-090.

Crews began to leave the camp, but our crew decided to stay. And not in vain!!! We had the feeling that the bigger bass should go…

Krupnyakov has activated about fifteen minutes after full sunset! The first “wild boar” snatched Vadim – 600 for sure! After my capture, about 600. Next I have open while I was trying to knit the purple in the twilight, companion grow – 690 grams! Spit on the leash, tally “cord”. Cast….I close the bail the line bale…..DARISE…the cutting…the clutch rattles….make it striped a little bigger than the first one. Grab several tails….all…Now just finish. Move into the camp.

Conclusions: the Perch is scattered in the carpet “strange” herbs at a depth of 2.5-3 m, often changing the place – more capture. Perfect weight I have had 2 grams, a little more and the bait started to sink into the grass.

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