Scouting Out, The Googan Squad Scout (Jerkbait)

Each Googan Squad Scout is built with an ultra-tough shell shaped like a streamlined baitfish. The torpedo design increases it’s swimming ability while providing the aerodynamic shape needed to make bomb casts.

The Googan Squad Scout is a suspending jerkbait on the hunt for a mondo.

A neutrally buoyant lure that doesn’t quite float and doesn’t quite sink, the Scout suspends in the water column with a nose-down look, daring fish to take a swipe.

2 Scouts Are Better Than 1

The Googan Squad Scout is available in 2 lifelike sizes to help you give the fish what they want.

The Googan Squad Scout measures out to 4 1/8” and weighs in at 1/2 an ounce. The Googan Squad Scout comes with 3 needlepoint treble hooks, and dives to a depth of 4-6 feet.

The Scout Jr. is 3 ½” and weighs 1/4 of an ounce. The Googan Squad Scout Jr. has 2 treble hooks and dives to a depth of 3-5 feet.

Both Scouts should be tied to the Googan Squad Fluorocarbon line. Use 8-12 lb line with the Scout Jr. and 10-15 lb line with the larger version.

Weight, What?

Internal rattles help provide long casts and a natural look throughout retrieval.

Each Googan Squad Scout comes with a set of internal rattles that are nestled in a chamber just below the belly of the bait. The rattles help keep that ”nose down” look, which drives fish wild.

The internal rattles also emit a unique fish calling noise throughout each cast. This helps call in fish from further distances away.

The added weight from the internal rattle system also helps with the Scout’s castability. During the release, the weight forward design will help sling your bait even further.

Boy, This Scout Is Sweet

8 mouthwatering color options to help you match the hatch

You can fish the Googan Squad Scout’s over submerged grass, around bluff walls, near main and secondary points, drop-offs, and anywhere else bass are ambushing baitfish.

Use this bait anytime you want to imitate a wounded or fleeing baitfish in areas void of snags. With the rod tip down and with a bit of slack in the line, give the bait short pops with a cadence of a rip, rip, pause. The colder the water, the longer the pause should be. This will give bass a little extra time to catch up.

While jerkbaits will catch fish all year long in all water types, fish the Scout’s in water temperatures of 45-65 degrees.

Every Scout comes with the baits diving depth painted on it’s belly.

Key Scout Features
  • Googan Inspired, Fish Catching Colors
  • The lifelike lateral line for added realism
  • 2 size options available
  • Strong needlepoint black nickel hooks
  • Suspends with its nose down
  • Quickly reaches its diving depth
Googan Squad Scout
  • Diving Depth: 4-6 ft
  • Length: 4 1/3 in
  • Weight: 1/2 oz
  • Rattles: Yes
The Googan Squad Scout Jr. (Available November 2019)
  • Diving Depth: 2-5 ft
  • Length: 3 1/2 in
  • Weight: 1/4 oz
  • Rattles: Yes

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