Search for fish in winter, on reservoirs and large reservoirs

As you know, in winter, the fish become inactive or even becomes dormant until the heat. Most of all it felt on large ponds and reservoirs, but don’t give up and leave the fishing to the warm time.

To catch a good catch is possible even in the large bodies of water and in very harsh winter. You only need to know features of search of fish places, and we will share them with you.

Top 4 methods to find fish

Anglers made good use of the four most common and effective method of catching fish in the winter.

They all have their advantages and disadvantages, and every fisherman chooses the most suitable option.

  1. The most impatient and lazy fishermen are advised to stock up on breadcrumbs or purchase fodder Motyl. With their help, created prikrovatnyj pillar on which the fish reacts. If the pond is over, then additionally you need to purchase feeders, as without their help, the stern did not get to sink to the bottom. For effective fishing you need to do at least two wells, located at a distance of from one to thirty feet apart. The optimum depth is 4 to 8 meters and learn it by using modern sonars. If after half an hour of biting and will not be, then you need to look for another fishing spot.
  2. The game of fish is another effective option, which provides a rich catch. Creating two or three holes need to go from one to the other and lift rods from the bottom of 20-30 cm and leave them so for a short period of time. Thus rastreskivaetsja fish and the bite appears after 15-20 minutes. The best depth for this technique is not more than 5 meters. However, it is only suitable for patient fishermen, because often the bite will only appear after 20 or more unsuccessful transactions.
  3. “Parasitic” is true on Monday, after a weekend at the pond remains a large number of already lured holes. As a rule, on the second day the fish bite much more than before. That is, in this case, you need to explore the pond and discover the work holes, open them and catch all the accumulated fish.
  4. Free search – is the most difficult method, which is popular with sport fishing enthusiasts. In this case, you need to actively explore the entire area of the reservoir, and for efficient fishing to drill a lot of holes. Experts do not recommend debt to stay in one place if it has no bite, as this will significantly reduce the chances of catching their prey. You should also not use high-speed wiring.

Whichever method you choose a good helper will be a modern sonar, which can be used to calculate optimum depth for fishing and even trap shoals of fish. Thanks to this small device greatly reduce the time looking for fishing spots, which will bring the best catch in a shorter period of time.

Another great addition to the winter fishermen will be videotochka, with which you will be able to visually observe fish behavior and effectiveness of selected bait.

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