Secrets of modern fishing on the float rod

Modern fishing is much different from fishing, which could be seen 20 years ago. Today, you can find gear that will increase the probability of catch and make the process as comfortable as possible.

But with a float rod has not lost its popularity till today because nothing beats the excitement and pleasant anticipation, when I sit on the shore of the pond waiting for prey. The main advantage of this type of fishing is universal, because you can catch not only the simple peaceful fish, and larger predator.

You will need several to upgrade my tooling, but in this case, success will be able to count even novice anglers. Special attention should be paid to the choice of gear – the thinner it is, the higher will be the probability of a bite.

Tips for beginners

We live in the age of information technology, therefore, will not be easy to know the weather forecast for the near future and to identify how atmospheric conditions are favorable for fishing. If the weather changes, regardless of the temperature dropped in the street or increased, the bite may stop for a few days.

The strength and direction of wind also plays an important role. For a successful catch is better to choose a day when blows the gentle breeze. If the wind speed exceeds 5-6 meters per second, the good fishing will only be achieved if it is directed against the flow. Novice fishermen often mistakenly assume that in bad weather the probability of a successful bite higher. This has some truth, but not all precipitation contribute to a good catch. Warm, not much rain is a good time for fishing, but during heavy rainfall or during a thunderstorm it is better to abandon the idea.

Choosing the right gear

Experienced anglers know that fish are good at recognizing different shades. If the float is made in variegated colors, it can scare the prey. The ideal option would be the choice of float gray, green and light brown tones, as they will remind you of the algae.

The color of the rod also plays an important role, at a small depth it will be as noticeable as the float. Gear and equipment should not stand out on the background of nature and then the chances of a successful catch are higher.

The secrets of a good catch and provide the choice of a suitable hook. If you choose the hook size of future production, do not forget about the size of the bait. There is a certain international classification of hooks, so if you are going to a specialty store, you need to know which product is suitable for a particular prey type.

Modern fixtures and devices can significantly increase the likelihood of the catch and make the whole process comfortable and fun. Videotochka is a unique product that can open fisherman all the delights of the underwater world. The main component is the video camera that is incredibly easy to use. Has the ability to transmit the image in real time and thanks to the presence of lighting you can see everything that is happening in the water even in the absence of light. The device can be immersed to a depth of 20 meters, he has a good angle and additionally you can rotate the screen in different directions.

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