Selection of rubber boats

The boat in which the deck can be removed (portable soles), equipped with an additional cylinder. In the cylinder the air pressure regulated so as to reduce water resistance when moving the boat to improve stability.

Inflatable rubber boat used for fishing, hunting and active rest on the water. By type of engine are: rowing and motor.

Used in the manufacture of synthetic and polymer fabrics and polyvinyl chloride (PVC).

The modern model consist of several layers of fabric:

  • The reinforcing layer has an increased strength relative to other layers of the boat.
  • The sealing layer ensures the tightness of the boat.
  • A protective layer provide protection against aggressive environmental factors
Varieties of rubber boats

Design for a rubber inflatable boat are:

  • Flat-bottomed
  • With removable flooring
  • With an inflatable bottom low pressure
  • With rigid bottom
  • With inflatable cylinders

Flat-bottomed boat has a low weight and small size, usually it can be carried in a special transport case. The material of the bottom – water-resistant plywood.

Boats with inflatable bottom is very easy to prepare for sailing, inflated using a conventional compressor.

Rubber boats with rigid bottom is a special flooring that pump air under high pressure.

Boat with inflatable balloons has a rigid body. The cylinders are located at the perimeter and protect the frame from coups to retain the buoyancy of the device.

Each rubber boat is soy advantages and disadvantages. So, a simple inflatable boat suitable for fishing alone or just around the water. These models are light in weight, easy to assemble and store. Hard bottom is optimal for movement with the motor. These boats are more stable on the water surface.

Varieties of rubber boats

The size of inflatable boat is the most important factor that affects all other parameters. For a vessel with oars, it is better to choose medium size. Motor boats – the more the better. With the increase in size in proportion to increase characteristics such as load capacity and, most importantly, safety.

But a large ship is much harder to transport to the pond and take longer to collect. And the price of such a boat is much above average. Small inflatable device in a deflated form can easily fit in a car, you can store them in a closet in the apartment.

You should pay attention to the weight. Large boats may only be transported on a special boat trailer, the weight of individual parts can be up to 60 kg.

Shape of the boat also should choose, focusing on the use of the vessel.

Form is:
  • Closed – side to form an oval shape

  • Semi – mostly for inflatable catamaran

If the bow and stern are identical, then the boat can not be expanding, just change the place of the seat of Fisher. Elevated feed makes it easy to get out of thickets of a grass or reed backwards. The structure of the bow also affects the stability and driving performance of the boat.

“Preferably before purchasing to inspect the boat in the inflated state. It should be without folds and creases. Seams better brewed. The better the material, the heavier the boat”.

How to care for an inflatable boat.

As for any thing for the ship to look after, then the period of his work will be great.

It is not desirable to haul the boat on land, it is better to use special wheels. So the bottom can be protected from cuts on rocks or broken glass.

You should monitor the cleanliness of the floating means: remove remaining debris, fish scales, sand and clay.

The boat can be protected from direct sunlight by using special tools, which should not be silicone. It contributes to premature corrosion of the boat material.

After the end of the swimming season, the boat should be washed and thoroughly dried.
The cylinders better slightly lowered.Compact boats are best kept in covers or bags.

Top inflatable rubber rowing boat

Aqua Storm St 280 – inflatable rowing boat, weighing 21 kg. Made of quality PVC green in colour. Despite its small size (length 2.80 m, width 1.30 m), the vessel is designed for two passengers. The safety of the vessel on the water provide a swivel oarlocks oars and the presence of two compartments.

Aqua Star Buster B 249 – rowing boat, designed for a capacity of up to 190 kg Length 2.50 m, width 1.3 m hull Material – PVC green. Includes aluminum oars, repair kit, pump and seat.

Bark B-220 C – single boat with great load capacity up to 185 lbs. ship Weight only 12 kg, making it easy to transport.

Kolibri K-220 – a small inflatable boat designed for one person. Small dimensions and low weight (13 kg) will allow you to quickly prepare it for launching. Material – PVC.

Intex Sea Hawk 200 68346 – the ship is very compact, weighing only about 8 kg, can accommodate two passengers. Made of multiple layers of vinyl and polyester setcamera layers.

Top inflatable rubber boats with motor

Kolibri K-250T – engine ship weight 20 kg. the Material is durable PVC, solid bottom plate, special mounting for the motor.

Skipper SM-260 – a powerful motor boat, carrying up to 300 kg. Weight 25 kg, width 1.30 m, length 2.6 m.

Rook LT-330M – quadruple big boat perfect for fishing and tourism. Length 3.30 m, width 1.6 m, load capacity up to 420 kg. Boat with swivel oarlocks, RUB rail, plates under the engine and many other useful accessories.

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