Tackle for catching perch on a spinning

To catch perch spinning is very interesting, moreover this kind of fishing refers to sports! Perch is quite common on all the ponds with clean water. It is possible to catch need to choose the correct tackle for catching perch.

Selecting the right tooling, you can catch perch all year round. About the choice of gear will be discussed in our article.

Choose the correct tackle for catching perch

Despite the greater activity, the search for the perch, even on a well-known body of water, the process is not simple. Often the first couple dozen casts occur in idle. But, those who does not stop and continues to actively search bass, find it.

Very often anglers are faced with a passive bass and they have a need for constant movement. This forces to choose the easy spinning that will provide the most comfortable movement in the water.

A long spinning rod for perch fishing should be less than 2.5 meters. We recommend the use of light rods that anglers call ultralajtovogo. Perch fishing on ultralight warrants fixing even the faintest of bites. And clearly transmitted the perch jerks will bring the angler an unforgettable experience.

Certainly you can use other gear for perch, but to catch the ultralight is much more interesting and easier.

Coil is one of the most important items of tackle for catching perch. The main thing that you feel comfortable to use it and its power reserve is enough for playing big bass. You need to pay attention to the coil and spinning was balanced.

With regards to fishing line, it is certainly not worth saving. We recommend you to buy fishing line a quality production that they guarantee you durability and reliability more than one season. Japanese manufacturers, despite the high cost of its products, enjoy great popularity among fishermen. It is best to choose fishing line that is their production.

If on the pond a lot of other predators in addition to perch. That itself justifies the use of braided lines. It provides maximum strength with small diameter.

No matter what type of fishing line you select, but when the diameter over 0.25 mm, it will have a negative impact on the behavior of small perch lures. Another important factor is the visibility of the line for fish and with such a large diameter that your “cord” will be visible to fish, which is likely gonna blow it. Quite justified the use of a leash made of thin fishing line. Just add to the main fishing line leash length of about 40 – 50 cm made of transparent fishing line, the diameter of which does not exceed 0.2 mm.

Hook size is selected according to the intended prey. The main thing that they were sharp and durable.

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