Spinning in August

Interestingly, despite the fact that the weather in August changes in the transition period to autumn, come cold night with drizzling rain, fishing on spinning in August for many fishermen only aktiviziruyutsya.

In particular, well go on spinning in mid-August, pike and large perch. At the same time weaken the biting of a pike perch, a catfish biting, almost at all stops.

It should be noted that the overall activity of the fish in August associated with the early accumulation its fat reserves for the winter. As the cooling of the upper layers of bodies of water, such fish as roach and Dace goes into depth.

Great pike fishing on spinning in August stems from the fact that during this period the pike difficult to catch her natural prey – fry is enough grown to run away from her. Therefore, the predator catches, almost everything is for her a more easy prey.

As for the tackle for catching fish during this period, the spinning should be more durable. I do not recommend in August to use thin fishing line and hooks of small size, both will not stand active the August fishing.

Overall, not bad caught in August of the following fish:

  • pike
  • IDE
  • Chub
  • roach
  • Rudd
  • perch
  • Sudak
  • ASP
  • carp

It should be noted that in late summer the fish are actively biting in the evening or night than during the day period. As a General rule, the fish are the same as in the previous summer months. Biggest catch, most often happens in cloudy weather.

I would not recommend while fishing in August to apply the mixture of plant origin. Overfed during the summer fish will not appreciate. At this time, not bad nibble fish on a mayfly, pike, perch and walleye bite good on the Wobbler or spinner. Also, a great bait is considered in August a small frog, which is going well: Chub, pike and perch. Experienced fishermen can be caught on clam river bullhead and even catfish can be caught on live bait or trolling.

As for fishing in open water, with the boat perfectly caught by spinning the same pike and bass. Also, good catch on spinning in August: trout, grayling, brook trout, and in the Eastern regions of Russia – taimen and lenok.

In particular, in the rivers of the Northern Urals and TRANS-Urals in the late summer you can catch very big grayling, applying the oscillating spoon of brown copper. I must say that this time of year especially popular with the fish uses artificial fly. It is made from hairs of a cow, which are wound on the hook № 7-8.

It should be noted that this bait is not getting wet and very successfully copies the natural insects. Very exciting is fishing in August on the small rivers of the Lena river basin. And here it should be noted that in these places you can catch very large trout with large lures “Norwich” or “Salmon”.

Speaking of the pike, its active fishing in August starts in mid-month. I must say that using artificial lures pike in this period of the year you can fish virtually around the clock and even in light rain.

I want to draw your attention to the fact that the best bait for pike on spinning in August is considered a jig.

Again, the choice of tactics of the pike, consider the features of the bottom surface. So in areas of the reservoir with extensive underwater vegetation I would recommend using a floating lure or a Popper. When posting is made to the Popper creates a lot of spatter, and more active pike bite.

When fishing with spinning using jig to catch big pike, as a rule, applied the step transaction. Typically, the pike strikes the bait at the moment of contact of its bottom surface. If the first bite of the pike broke, keep on posting, pike will definitely be back again to the bait, only later.

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