Summer Frog Fishing Tips With The Sauce Legend Jon B

Instead of pitching a jig or flipping a Texas rig, Jon begins by skippin’ and whippin’ his hollow body frog up shallow into thick, nasty brush and timber.

This helps Jon do two things, cover water and provide a unique offering that the cover bound fish aren’t used to seeing.

Frogs are some of the most versatile and exciting topwater baits to fish with. Watch Jon B fish a frog in ways some would consider unconventional conditions.

Open Water Frog Fishing

Jon also shows off a prime example of fishing a frog in open water. In the summertime, a single patch of shade can seem like paradise to a warm bass. The shade is a key feature during the dog days of summer, find some and walk your frog.

Proven Bass Smashers

Start blowing up the frog fishing game with these essential tools. From topwater frogs to fishing line, to the rod and reel recommendations, here’s our lineup of frog fishing favorites.


The SPRO Bronze Eye Frog is the golden standard in hollow body frogs. Designed by pro angler Dean Rojas, the SPRO Bronzeye Frog is responsible for more tournament wins than any other frog on the market.


This new buzz style frog really exploded in the US market over the last few years after originally being designed and fished in Japan. The Teckel Sprinker is almost a cross between a whopper plopper and standard hollow body frog.


The Molix Sneaky Frog is a slick take on the traditional hollow-body frog design. This slightly downsized and compact frog has walks like a charm and comes with sticky sharp hooks for a higher percentage hook up ratio.


The Booyah Toadrunner may look similar to the Teckel Sprinker but it looks completely different once it gets wet. Designed with a loud thumping tail-end which plops, buzzes, and spits water across the water’s surface helping call in bass from a long way away. Target sparse vegetation, flooded timber, or shaded banks and put this the Booyah Toadrunner to work.

Googan Squad Braided Line

New Googan Line Sizes Coming Soon!

Googan Squad Braid Line comes is an 8-strand braided line which provides longevity, strength, and buttery smooth casts. The 50lb Googan Braided line is ideal for flippin’, froggin’, and big game fishin’.

Rigged Phantom Casting Rod

The Rigged Phantom Casting Rod will help you winch in the big ones. A stout rod paired with a fast tip will help with long hooksets and along with adding extra leverage while fishing in the slop.

Shimano Curado

Any good frog fishing reel should have a high gear ratio to help you quickly catch up to fish. Frog reels also need a strong drag to help prevent slippage during stout hooksets. You should be able to completely lock down on your drag and not have to worry about it slipping during one of those Jon B like hooksets.

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