The angler seated above the hole, a one-sided game

All of his tricks in the selection of lures and game options these same lures built on rough assumptions about how it will play one or the other snag. With experience comes an equally approximate, but usually the right decision with this choice due to the already established stereotypes of shapes, curves, weight successful lures.

That is, due to the simple selection of efficient and not efficient… But only in recent years it has become possible to look already with my own eyes how things are there, under the ice, with fake fish baits and fish objects of fishing. Now it can be seen not only in the movies dubbed or with subtitles, but in the works of Russian authors. Some of the underwater filming can bring invaluable advantage to any angler, experienced and not so, but somewhere and become the revelation of the brand-new information.

Everyone, probably, the angler had to notice that catchability and checked the spinner, which is just fun took a perch at the other place turned into a completely broken piece of metal. One could, of course, to refer to a place, they say, no fish. But the reason is often simply that even the most playful and nimble planning baubles, 1.5 metres depth hangs and stretches to the side, in the deeper areas becomes a primitive “stud”.

Below 4 meters all of its quality “glider” are leveled, the game becomes more monotonous, and return to the vertical axis of the hole on the pause becomes shorter. Namely, the pause is most often occur bite. Deeper than 6 meters, a plan of spinners have been working perfectly upright, and fisherman, with the usual pause in the bottom position, in fact just wastes time, because the spinner deflected from the axis. Moreover, at greater depths, it turns out that there is no difference between the thickness of the line.

Replace the line on a more subtle does not lead to the expected result. Furthermore, if you use a spinner-type “stud” (often helping out in gluhozime), thick fishing line, it plays even more smoothly.

The pressure and density of water are more powerful and decisive factor in the game is bogus, than replace the line. As an exception, there are spinners, working almost equally well at various depths. But they often belong to the category of summer relatively wide spinners. You can use them under the ice.

How can I adjust to fix the game are observed at great depths? If the spoon is perfectly behaved at 1.5 metres, it is possible to test on deeper areas. Hardly snag planning will no longer hang after a reset and immediately begins to give into the hand of a push, so she began to work in a narrow vertical range. That is, in the style of the notorious “pink”. If you do not want in this style, and the game required a wide range, to correct the underlying errors you can only change the way of working by spinning.

Instead of a sweeping stroke, should be limited to a short and rather sudden jerk the tip of the whip. This expansion skid should correspond to the length of the spinners, even three-okunevka. Underwater filming of the show changes the game any spinners with this method. And the game spinners becomes positively stable at various depths up to 12 meters. Returns all efficient features faux: horizontal planning the care side, oscillations and vibrations, chaotic and brisk jerks, resembling the movement of a sick or weak fish. All these improvements will be immediately noticeable by the way the spoon again begin to hang out after a reset.

In the underwater shots you can see another picture, often causing laughter. A pack of goggle-eyed perch crowd in anticipation of the fall of the strange “fish”, jumping up and down. And here’s the snag, again, is rushing to the bottom. Knock! Exactly – between the eyes and “bonce”… And scared the perch already skedaddle aimlessly, followed by some of his comrades. And these butting in fish head happens quite often. Just as often scared and a pack of sprinkles on the sides. These “shootings” perch and descended from the sweeping movements of the fisherman at the top. Not aged the pause in the lower position, and therefore loses a large number of potential bites.

The effect is more long pause on the bite now you can see. Seen as unproductive work lures with a single hook soldered. Each of the fishermen happened to fall on a strange perch bite when ten bites-pokes caught only one fish. Not necessarily very small. It is clear that perch volovat, inactive and most of his bites is to shock the spoon. This is clearly seen in the footage. But as soon as you receive the same spoon now hanging trinicom as perches begin to cling on the hook even camobodia, not to mention a full bite.

Very excitedly perch react to the strike of the spinners on the bottom, tapping with the rise of turbidity, and isolation from the bottom and the rise is often followed by a greedy bite. Equally recklessly the Humpbacks react to the return of the spinner to the vertical axis of the hole, that is the pause, which has already been mentioned.

With the help of underwater shots fell another myth, the perception among anglers. Supposedly, the ice is dark and no difference what color to put the spoon, to impose the fly, though black, still red and will be black or purple. It turns out that if the day is bright and the water is not murky, you can see everything perfectly, down to the inscription on the spoon. And the red hairs remain red, not to mention the color and brightness of shiny metal lures. Speaking of flies and hairs…

These gadgets have different impacts on the game of spoons. Planning faux, hung with shaggy hair, lose some of their crafty playful qualities and become more sluggish-clumsy. “Clove”, on the contrary, become more smooth game zaprokidawati flat and not so rapidly nodding “nose” down. When equipped with flies hanging troynikov of beams faux play worse. Disappear fidgety and rapid horizontal movements in the form of eights, the game balancers becomes more rough and primitive. At least if flies too big. Absolutely no equipment “attraction” too. It is important to match the ranks and size of hornblende.

And if we are talking about the balancers, for me personally was the revelation that a smooth line-skid by spinning on the rise also worsens the quality of the bait. On the contrary, a sharp and shorter the wave is forced to play the balancer as frisky and playful fish, rapidly spraying the water horizontally. And this applies both to lift and reset the balancer down. After a leap up the balancer is already playing, and the fall – especially if there was a short stroke. After long action of the lure goes up almost vertically and equally primitive, smoothly falls down.

Wasn’t noticeable on the ice shooting the special effects from game of spoon-type games of the jig. Perch only crowded around the dummy and waited impatiently for her decisive action. Although I know from experience that sometimes after a small hesitation “a La jig” perch trolling often enough. Apparently, this is due to seasonal conditions and fishing conditions this day.

There is another aspect that causes doubt, at least for me, until the first frame of the video under the ice. It always seemed to me that the perch should be in some way frightened by the capture of their comrade. Still, in their eyes, happens. Had a friend – and no more. Still existed when views about the “substance of fear” or the sound emitted caught fish.

But as you can see, perch quite easily belong to the capture and disappearance of friends, but rather competitors. Is it because they are so calm? Maybe even “jealous”?.. And the faster snag back under the water, the more chances to keep the pack in place and to catch more fish. As soon as the pause drags on, and a flock of perch may well somewhere to go.

But there is in fishing such a rule – no rules, otherwise fishing would be boring just following the instructions. This files most often have to find the angler and his fish, and their ways of catching…

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