The BioSpawn Exoswim Has Changed The Swimbait Game

After continued success with the 4” Exoswim, it became apparent that we needed to add more sizes to the line-up. With that being said, we’re excited to announce the launch of both 3.25” and 4.75” versions of the ExoSwim.

The BioSpawn ExoSwim is a soft plastic paddle tail swimbait designed with a unique exoskeleton to displace water and create a very desirable and realistic swimming action. Originally, we launched a 4” swimbait, and it didn’t take long for baits to begin flying off the shelves. Anglers all over the country we’re having success with the our new bait.

The 3.25″, 4″, and 4.75″ BioSpawn ExoSwims

The 3.25” size allows for anything from finesse fishing to trailers on an Alabama Rig. The larger, 4.75” size will help get big bites when fish are looking for big meals. With these new sizes hitting the market, anglers from all over are presented with much more variation and can easily keep one of these baits tied on year round.

Let’s talk about the smaller, 3.25 inch, size first. We saw a need to make a size smaller than 4 inches in order to help not only catch those pressured finicky bass, but also for those who love to fish for smallmouth. Due to the versatility of a smaller profile, this size should find plenty of use regardless of the location.

This bait can be a trailer for a finesse jig, thrown on an a-rig, or simply rigged up as any paddle tail would, with a swimbait hook, underspin, or jig head. At this size, the bait could even be thrown on a drop shot. These options allow for this bait to be thrown year round in a variety of different conditions. We believe this bait will excel especially in the spring when baitfish are a bit smaller.

I like to throw the 3.25″ in the Spring, the 4” in the summer, and the 4.75 in the fall

As the warmer weather starts to show up, the baitfish will start to increase in size.

The average size of bait fish around the country is typically around 4 inches, and therefore the original 4 inch ExoSwim is a standard go to bait when fishing under typical conditions. This bait still has a multitude of rigging options and ways to fish, so you can always tie one on with confidence. I love to throw this bait on an underspin as a great alternative to a spinnerbait.

This musky nearly broke the Ohio state record and was caught on a 4” BioSpawn Exoswim. PC: Zackbhall

We knew when we talked about new sizes, that it was equally as important to go bigger as it was to go smaller.

The 4.75 inch ExoSwim is a bulkier addition to the lineup for those who love to throw bigger baits. This bait will be a great fall option as anglers continue to match the size of growing bait fish throughout the year. This bait will please anglers around the country as it will help get those bigger bass that are looking for a bigger meal.

The increased size and water displacement will even stand out to anglers looking to catch other species. This size will be attractive to big predators like pike and musky, while also giving saltwater anglers a great option as well.

Keel weighted swimbait hooks are excellent for fishing near weeds. Use an underspin for added flash.

As an angler myself, I very rarely used to throw paddle tail swimbaits until I started to get some practice with the ExoSwim.

With a lot of hard work, we found a formula that makes this bait one of the most durable soft plastic swimbaits, while still producing very lifelike action in the water.

Due to this great action and durability, I started to throw swimbaits on their own, where before I often only used them as trailers for swim jigs and chatterbaits. Now I have come to love the realistic look and colors to catch more and more bass on these baits. With the new sizes, I believe this bait will continue to produce tons of quality bass not only for me but also for anglers from all over.

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