The carp in the hottest period of the summer

In a choppy and gentle biting, for fishing in the coastal zone is best suited plug. Personally, I prefer to use floats with a capacity of not more than 0.7 g. If the bite carp weighing up to a pound, then use fishing line diameter of 0.08 mm, but you need to have the similar design snap-on scaffold with a diameter of 0.10 and even 0,14 mm.

Distribution shipping elementary – the shepherd and the main sinker as the weight of equipment is negligible, and the weight of the bait may exceed the weight of the shepherd boy. This design allows you to accurately place the snap-in selected buoys, between the branches, plants and vegetation. Two sinkers sticks a small amount of “dirt” from the water surface and the balance of even very delicate design virtually unchanged.

The hook is chosen solely on the size and shape of the bait or the nozzle, but not the size of the fish. Once again I must stress this important fact, especially for novice anglers. For example, a worm enough of a hook 14, a maximum of 12 rooms, and for maggots, I take the hook № 16 or 18. On the moth catch is only in those waters, where in addition to carp and carp no other fish.

The most important thing when fishing for carp plug is tactics and technique.

The bait on the snap carefully, without bursts is lowered to the point of fishing and held in it for two to three minutes. It is very important to catch the first bite. In her character we can see how today and this time carp are active or not. If the bite happens almost immediately, it’s either good or bad. Well, if the second and third strike happen almost as quickly as the first. This means that the location is properly selected and properly lured, and the fish are active.

If the first cautious bite, then we should expect that the bite will be inactive and will have after each caught fish of decent size to change the point of fishing or a long wait for re-takes. The expectation can take, if the angler does not show activity.

The pike fishing on spinning in April

You can act differently. Firstly, it is possible to constantly change the descent on the snap, causing previously on the “kit” with a waterproof marker the descent to the bottom. This is done to ensure that in the process of fishing is not to use constantly using the depth gauge and not to waste time.

Second, if the snap-in is easy, you can omit the bait very slowly, starting from the surface, creating a “falling” wiring. Bite happen unpredictably, at any horizon of fishing. It is important to keep in mind that the bite can have different horizons. That is, after the bite at 30 cm from the surface the following may happen to the depth in meter.

When such fishing is necessary to have not only patience, but also a streamlined tackle and, most importantly, a conscious understanding of their actions. When running synthetic transactions “in the fall” it is very important to make every transaction the most accurate and reproducible. Fishing difficult, but certainly profitable and pleasant, delivering true pleasure from the probable good result.

From swing rods has a large and distinct advantage, which is that it can be put on the stand and to rest in anticipation of the approach of fish to the point of catching or waiting for the next rare fish to bite. In this form the flight feathers tackle easily be transformed into a easy tackle that can be very effective in bites of big carp, especially that along the way can be caught and the carp.

Tackle for catching small and not too large carp similar tackle for catching roach: this is a light rod without rings length from three to seven meters. Tooling by design is the simplest. It is the basis of stable float with a carrying capacity of from one to three grams. I prefer the classic bobber teardrop shape, which is good as when fishing for bleak, and currents. Characterized by the fact that the antenna of such floats for fishing carp need a thicker, and therefore more lifting.

We need this in order not to regulate the ogruzka when changing a light lure on a heavy, and Vice versa. Float gruzitsja until about the middle of the antenna. In calm very nice long and thin floats. For small and very small depth of fishing well proven sheer long floats, as loaded and nadgrajeni. The actual shape of the float is not very important, but if you do artificial transaction or hold the snap while sailing, you definitely need to use a stable design with two attachment points.

As you have to change the descent in the process of fishing, and to perform special transactions such as the free fall of the lure does not have to, ogruzka consists of the main weights and the shepherd boy. Important the weight of the shepherd and the length of the leash. The calmer the water surface and for worse, the biting and the smaller the bait, the easier it is need shepherd boy. Easy shepherd boy did not catch a carp, when he tries the bait, but to put shepherd boy easier to 0.1 g makes no sense. The length of the leash is in the range of 5-25 see

A somewhat different construction of the snap if you catch broke a large carp, which takes a large bait (worms) off the bottom. It is better to choose a long thin float and adjust the descent so that the shepherd boy was lying on the bottom. The leash is also short. But that is the basic sinker makes sense to shift as close as possible to the float. The main thing is to bait and shepherd boy have akorri snap-in. I repeatedly caught a big carp from a depth of 20-30 cm and used a snap with a float of 0.3 g. In this case, all ogruzka concentrated in the shepherd and the descent can be done so that the float was at a distance of a meter from the bait lying on the bottom.

When the carp feeding in the shallow bays, which is a good distance from the shore, to catch it is possible using match gear. Depending on what the horizon is a fish, and changing the design of the equipment.

If the carp rises to the surface, and walking on underwater vegetation or lowered to the bottom, will need to match the rod with a length of 4-4,5 m, spinning reel with fishing line is 0.16–0.20 mm. snap-in provides a float type”, waggler”, orogeny internal ogruzka 4-6 g, with a capacity of 1-2 g

The descent is set so that the bait is placed a few centimeters above the level of underwater vegetation, above the bottom or at the bottom. Often a carp takes the bait when it is slowly dragged along the bottom.

If the Bay or the whole pond much snag, there is always the “window” between the “dead” claws. In order to catch near the bottom, used a completely different tool design. The sinker is attached at the end of the fishing line and the hook is above the sinker on a leash. Leash length is selected in such a way that hook a little bit wouldn’t hit the weights. This snap-in, flies very precisely and in contact with the window never clinging to vegetation or driftwood. Akarit sinker will snap in place, which largely eliminates hooks, because of the drift of the snap-in will not be. Hooks happen when the fish gets a snap-in for a snag or Bush powerful herbs.

Another good method of fishing on the shallow areas is as follows. Snap on put a very light float and weight of sinker is selected such that the bait only reach selected points of fishing. Sliding sinkers, one or two (better to spread out between them), and at a distance of one meter behind them is the hook bait. After casting anchor, leash and lure fall on vegetation or on the bottom. The descent of the float is regulated so that it is at 20-50 cm depth exceeded. The bite is clearly visible that as the float begins to move to the side. So purposefully catch the big fish.

Completely different gear is needed when carp in a tranquil, warm days rises and walks around the surface of the water. You need to accurately and effortlessly toss the fish under the nose of the bait. This is the best suited tooling with a transparent water-filled floats, and floats “sbirulino”.

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