The feeder fishing on a pond

The feeder fishing on a pond suitable for catching carp, bream, roach and white bream. But there is this fish some features, ponds carp behaves a little unpredictable and it is difficult to catch and roach and white bream although simple, but it gets too small, so that it may be reasonable directed fishing for bream.

As the bream don’t feed in shallow water, and therefore not suitable close to the shore, then you need to be ready to make far casts. Due to the lack of flow in the ponds the use of lightweight feeders welcome, Yes and bait you to save, scoring the feeder is not full. Well, or throw balls of groundbait a slingshot, but if you can it is better hands.

To mount feeder equipment for pond fishing you will need: a symmetric loop, paternoster and of course the sliding Assembly. Due to the lack of flow the thickness of the leash goes to the background. The thickness of the leash, you can select already in the process of fishing, the more fish will bite the thicker you need to put the leash, same thing with long, frequent strikes – a long leash. The feeder fishing on the pond are not fundamental to the feeders, pick any, the main thing that to you was comfortable.

But the choice of nozzles should be approached with caution, without current attachment plays a big role. In summer it is better to prefer vegetable nozzles, for example maize, semolina or talker.

Nobody cancelled the combination of plant baits with animals, the best tandem that I had to use this maggot in combination with corn. In the spring and autumn fishing is best will work animal bait, various worms, bloodworms and maggots.

Many anglers stingy to spend money on feeder tackle, especially the newcomers say that this is a difficult kind of fishing, and the money will just go nowhere, because bait and other gear is very expensive. Feeder fishing has no such difficulties, as it might seem at first glance, she’s active though, but very exciting. Here you will have time to get bored and Smoking every three minutes.

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