The float on the eve of the freeze-up

The most suitable and reliable immediately before the formation of ice remain small river. Look at the clear water and it seems that the fish left the place and went to the big water.

But it is not, in every river there is a resident population of fish that was born and raised here, just need to find where in a whirlpool or a hole hidden roach, perch, gudgeon, perch, ruff, Dace and Chub. Before the advent of the edges of the ice fish is kept in virtually the same places as in the summer, and in compliance with caution and disguise it successfully caught. With the advent of the edges of the fish begin to move closer to the bed and to the deeper places. In areas with a greater depth for weaker and rim flanges are formed in the first place.

The edge is easy to navigate and to catch in the wiring almost at the edge of the ice. From the moment when the ice will reach the riverbed, the only places for fishing remains open stretches of water on the rapids and below the dam. But if the current is strong, fish out in the bays under the ice.

Fish, which now can be counted on to remain gudgeon, small roach, perch, bream, skimmer bream, Chub and Dace. Their activity before the freeze-up is much less than in summer only in very good weather there are periods of active biting. It so happens that within the hour the fish are biting very well, almost not paying attention to the thickness of a fishing line as bait and the natural movement of the lure in the water. But this is rare, and need to rely on a very careful bite, even if there is a place of a congestion of fish.

The choice of location and fishing tactics fundamentally changing, and the way we used to do in the summer, now to catch effectively. Summer fishing is largely based on the diagram, which is necessarily present the bait. Bait, without exception, contain large amounts of highly nutritious and easily digestible components. When the water temperature is high, then the process of assimilation by the fish bait is quick and almost never observed the fact of overfeeding fish.

With decreasing temperature water speed of processing of the mixture is reduced to 4-10 times. Hence the important practical conclusion that the amount of bait should be either reduced several times, or need to use less calories mixture, or bait should be avoided at all. To reduce the calorie content of standard summer bait can only be obtained by dilution with earth, sand or other suitable component. Even better, replace the bait with a high content of crackers, corn, bran, peanuts, cannabis and cake on bloodworms and maggots.

You cannot rely on the fact that the bait will attract fish to the fishing spot. Now bait can be necessary solely in order to whet the appetite of the fish, which is found in this place.

The ideal rope will be a plug, but this is only if you find a point of catching and won’t often change the fishing place. If you walk along the river and methodically to sh in interesting places, then you will need a light five-six-meter clearomizer rod. To argue which is better – plug or centrifugal pole, now there is no point, since everything depends on the situation. If you solve the problem with the fish finder, with the tactics of fishing and choosing a fishing rod, it is necessary not to be mistaken with a snap.

You may have to change the floats of balsa wood on the floats from foam. When you clean the float of ice, the delicate balsa float is easy to damage and compromise its integrity. Very good floats of cork and wood. Wooden floats can be impregnated with hot linseed oil and then polished. Polished the float is much easier to remove from the freezing ice. Snap design is very simple. On a thin fishing line with a diameter no thicker than 0.10 mm is attached to one hook and sinker. The weight of such tooling is rarely more than one gram, often uses snap-ins weight 0.5–0.7 grams

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At the centrifugal pole, the descent is the same as during the summer fishing, but on plug tackle better descent set so that the sinker hung a few inches above the bottom, and a hook with bait defended sinkers at a distance of from 10 to 50 centimeters. If the snap-in is easy, and the current is strong, this distance can be increased even up to five feet. The technique would be to hold snap-ins in one place, regardless of the strength of the current.

If you catch on the river don’t want to, you can try to catch carp.

In some bodies of water large carp can be easily caught, even when there’s a rim of ice. Moreover, biting big carp can continue on the first ice.

Choose a pond where now the fish can bite, not just because the fish are very finicky fish.

The second important point is search for a place of fishing. Crucian carp with cold water like any other fish family Cyprinidae, except the minnow, took certain places, narrows the area of search for food and less moves. Therefore, to rely on the action of the bait is not necessary.

You can start with “summer” places, that is close to vegetation or near the indentations on the bottom. Since all cavities in the “karasini” waters usually silted, to help in their search can only be relatively heavy depth gauge, which easily “tapped” the bottom. The best spots for fishing are those that are located near underwater vegetation from the neighbouring recesses. In shallow ponds that are heavily overgrown with grass carp move or in snags, or in the deepest places. Often such places are located at a retaining dam.

When choosing a place for fishing you need to take into account such factors as the direction and force of the wind, given the fact that he can change the direction. It is very important to learn to predict possible weather changes. Well, if the wind changes direction, then definitely need to choose the surf coast.

Practice suggests that in relatively calm weather, a nice carp caught until the ice, going to a deeper place, and eventually concentrates in the pits, where it can “get” only “long-throw”.

Once the fishery is defined, it is important to understand where the water now the fish is kept, since this will depend on the composition of the bait, and technique of feeding, and fishing technique.

In the form of bait is best used not more than a kilogram of the cheapest “basic” composition, it is necessary to plant two times the ground from the shore. The land is first diluted with water to obtain a viscous homogeneous mass, and then it is added to a dry bait mix until the desired consistency. After that, the bait will not be superfluous to add a handful of maggots and bloodworms. It is better to lure such a way as to use all of the prepared dose.

A very effective bait in the autumn and the cold season is a major Joker, mixed with the earth.

As honeypots can be used as the nozzle of plant origin, and bait. The carp in the warm season is extremely picky about lures, but in the fall, as a rule, refuses bloodworms and maggots or a piece of worm, although there are cases when he is actively bite on barley or “mash”. While catching big carp best bait is, as in spring, a normal earthworm, has produced about of the reservoir, for example, under the roots of nettle or willow.

When fishing near the shore is the most effective use of the plug, which will allow you to apply thin and ultra-light snap-in.

As it I always use “okleechnuyu” option with a line no thicker than 0.10 mm and float with carrying capacity of not more than 0.4 g. If the depth is greater than five feet and snap significantly pulls, then put the floats with a capacity of up to 1 year

Choose a float with a heavy enough keel to float immediately took to the water in a vertical position. In calm weather, is very convenient to use thin and long floats of the “needle”, because with their help, most just define the horizon of fishing, which is now feeding carp.

Fishing technique is to silently drop the gear at the selected point, wait a few seconds and quietly move the bait slightly. Or lower the bait to the bottom and hold in place until the bite.

If caught a decent size carp on a worm, the bait and the shepherd boy, better put on the bottom and adjust the descent so that the snap doesn’t bore surface.

Catch mahovym rod in the cold autumn water, when the fish are biting at the point, it is very difficult technically. The slightest breath of wind causes easy snap-shifted to the point where there are fish to bite. Perishables snap is necessary, but leads to a permanent loss of time waiting, when the fish are again interested in the bait.

In General, fishing for carp in the fall is very similar to fishing for roach when a flock is a place that you want to find or calculate. To activate the fish bait and give her a snap on slim effective bait. And at the right time.

As soon as the rim, catching is the pits. Distance fishing is often twenty five and more meters, and the depth of 3-5 meters, so the best gear is becoming “far casting” with a sliding float.

Nothing special in there. Conventional sliding float with carrying capacity of 3 plus 4 plus 5 or 6 g on the fishing line with a diameter of 0.18 mm. Leash length of 15-20 cm from the fishing line 0,12–0,16 mm. Shepherd boy is chosen such as to keep the tooling, if it will have “anchor”. As bait is almost always better to use a large bloodworm on the hook №№ 16-18. Bait in most cases a negative effect.

In addition to carp, you can catch bream, if allowed inside. Bream are concentrated in large flocks and occupies the riparian root zone and almost never leaves her. All movement occurs between the channel and the bottom edge. Since the centrifugal fly-fishing or plug to get to the lower edge of the channel is not in every river, you may want to tackle with a sliding snap.

The main difficulty consists in finding the places with the fish. Where the depth to the shore, clearly visible on the relief, but even if you can mahovym rod to get to the depth of 4-6 meters, then the guarantee biting is not present. The pack can stand in a different place. Search with long casts and much more effective, since it provides the necessary mobility. Help that bream are active. He responds well to the bait and actively takes bloodworms, maggots and worm. Bait is absolutely necessary. It will help to hold the fish and make it more active in search of food. Gear and fishing techniques differ little from summer. In cold water it is always better to use a thinner fishing line.

Rarely, and usually at night, are able to hold the pack bait for a few hours. Here when night fishing will be indispensable plug. In General, fishing is now an interesting, subtle, especially if you’re lucky with the weather.

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