The Googan Squad Blooper And Hound

Catch Co. and the Googan Squad just rolled out two new hard baits. The all-new Googan Squad Hound and Googan Squad Blooper are two mondo catching topwater baits designed specifically by the Googan Squad.

Together, the Googan Squad and Catch Co. spent months working on these two lunker hunters and we’re jacked up to get these baits into the hands of anglers.

Each year, the Googan Squad spends hundreds of days on the water while pumping out high quality fishing content. Through these adventures, each Googan has developed a unique insight and understanding of different fishing styles and techniques. We leveraged this knowledge and created two bass kicking topwaters.

The Googan Squad Hound

The Googan Squad Hound is a slender bodied topwater walking bait equipped with 3 sticky sharp black nickel hooks. The back treble hook features a hand tied feathered which provides added flash and action.

With quick twitches of the rod tip, anglers can impart a zig-zagging walking action that looks similar to a dog walking back and forth on a leash.

When designing the Hound, we factored in the key attributes found in current topwater baits and combined those into one stellar lure. In addition to walking and spitting water like an absolute champ, the Hound contains an internal one-knocker style rattle that helps it call in fish from a distance.

When To Fish The Googan Squad Hound

Fish the Googan Squad Hound in 60+ degree water temperatures as this is when bass really start eating surface lures. You’ll want to fish the Hound around schooling fish, across main lake points, and near shallow water flats.

Also, if you ever notice birds dive bombing into a lake, chances are they are feeding on baitfish. Try throwing your Hound in these general areas. Where there are baitfish, there are usually bass. Remember birds can serve as great indicators on where baitfish activity is at.

Where To Fish The Googan Squad Hound

Fish the Hound when bass are actively feeding on baitfish, especially on cloudy days or low light situations. Leave a bit of slack in your line when working the bait, so when you pop your rod tip down it allows the Hound to effectively walk back and forth.

Bonus Hound Features
  • Googan designed, fish catching colors
  • Strong needlepoint black nickel hooks
  • Back feathered treble hook for added appeal
  • Tight walking action
  • Cupped mouth which creates a spitting/splashing action
  • High quality oval line ties
Googan Squad Blooper

The Googan Squad Blooper is a topwater popper with big fish drawing power mixed with Googan Squad swagger. Designed with a cupped mouth that provides a unique splash and “bloop” noise and a set of rumble strips on the baits belly. The rumble strips help add drag and more action.

Apply subtle twitches of the rod tip to make a quite blooping noise similar to the sound of a water droplet hitting the sink. Turn things up a notch with harder rod twitches for more of an aggressive sound and action.

When To Fish The Googan Squad Blooper

The Googan Squad Blooper is best fished in water temperatures of 60+ degrees. Throw your popper tight to isolated cover, over submergent grass beds, in shaded areas, and shallow water without surface grass.

Where To Fish The Googan Squad Blooper

Throw the Blooper for a slower, more subtle presentation than other topwater baits. It’s a perfect option during bug hatches when fish are actively feeding on the surface, under tree overhangs, and other shaded areas. When the water gets very warm and fish become less willing to chase, use this slower presentation.

Bonus Blooper Features
  • Googan designed, fish catching colors,
  • Strong needlepoint black nickel hooks
  • Back feathered hook for added appeal
  • Distinct “bloop” sound
  • Rumble Strips on belly create more disturbance

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