The Googan Squad Hummer Will Have You Buzzing Like A Bee

Few thrills in fishing match the excitement of watching a buzzbait suddenly disappear when a bass engulfs it and you can enjoy plenty of exciting topwater action with the new Googan Squad Buzzbait.

The Googan Squad Hummer is here! When you hear a mosquito buzzing around your head you immediately set out to seek and destroy the pest. A bass has the same impulse when the fish detects the annoying sound of a buzzbait skittering over its head.

How To Fish The Hummer In 8 Steps

Available in a 1/2-ounce model, the Googan Squad Hummer has multiple holes within each of its buzz blades to help increase the lure’s bubble trail during its retrieval. The new Hummer is available in a variety of Googan approved colors.

A buzzbait is one of the ultimate lures for fall topwater action any time of the day. Although frequently used in the morning and evening, the buzzer is just as effective during mid-day when the sun has warmed the water and baitfish become more active. The noisy lure also works well on cloudy days or in the bright sunshine whenever bass are chasing shad in the shallows.

Sneaky Hummer Hacks

I usually throw a buzzbait in stained to dirty water in the spring and fall. Bass are usually in a strike zone of 5 feet deep or less and are more apt to eat a buzzbait then. The lure also seems to draw strikes from bigger bass. If you are catching several small bass on a spinnerbait, switch to a buzzbait which might generate fewer strikes but usually produces heavier fish.

Some favorite targets for buzzing in the shallows are laydown logs, tops of brush piles, docks and some type of vegetation, such as milfoil or hydrilla. You can run the Googan Squad Buzzbait through holes in vegetation or bump it into any hard cover such as stickups, stumps, docks or rocks.

Retrieving the buzzbait at a steady medium speed triggers strikes most of the time. Sometimes you can trigger strikes by popping it, reeling it, killing it for a split second and then just keep reeling it. The slight hesitation in the retrieve sometime causes a strike from fish that were following the lure but were reluctant to hit it on the steady retrieve.

Strike Back To Short Striking Fish

Black buzzbaits play at night or in muddy water

Add a trailer hook when fish are mssing your bait

It helps hook the fish who wiff on the first hook

Matching your Googan Squad Hummer with the right line will ensure more hookups. I prefer throwing braided line, like the Googan Squad Braided Line because of its abrasion resistance and low stretch, which allows me to throw the lure over dock cables and get solid hook sets on long casts.

Monofilament is too stretchy and tends to give too much when setting the hook, which leads to missed fish. Some anglers stop throwing a buzzbait when the water continues to cool in the late fall.

However, I keep throwing it because I remember a Bassmaster tournament I covered at Lake of the Ozarks when the top three finishers in the event threw buzzbaits for three cold and snowy days when the water temperature was in the low 50s. So you can still catch northern strain largemouth with a slow retrieve in the late fall.

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