The long-awaited opening

Highly anticipated, this trip was in fact all: the lifting of the ban on the Saratov reservoir; the long-awaited opportunity to put the trout gear aside and take up something more serious;

long-awaited trial run of the new gear during the ban which has accumulated a sufficient amount; even a brand new place where I never was – all in this trip, seemingly predisposed to a good mood, but the result, unfortunately, happy is not the way you want.


Frankly, the place was not only selected “at random”, but with banal ability to drive up to the water, as close as possible. The reservoir got quite loud the nickname “sea”, not only because of its scale, but because of unexplored coastline. But what to bring?

With great difficulty, chose the powerful O. S. p. jig spinning Grizzly, in fact, deliberately cutting off valleroy catch. Why? This type of possible lures to sh only the near area, I decided to bet on “far cordon”, but “just fire” a couple in a box put but if.


Tortured to death in the winter spinning costume Maverick from Nordman, surprisingly, came in handy and today the morning greeted us with an unexpected temperature for 11 June – 5 degrees, and to be honest, I was very happy when found in pockets and gloves which came in handy. Where to start? Various pilkery, it seemed to me, by way of a possibility and far to throw, and to sh in different horizons. Moving toward the Saratov hydroelectric power station, and methodically oblasova available for casting the perimeter, we came across an interesting change in topography, and a huge crowd of poplavochnikov on it, catch that gorgeous size Chub. Yes, Yes! It Chub, to fishing which I was not ready!


And then began the time experiments. The desire to get some bite, with a share of nervousness forced to touch the bait. Maybe a KranK? Trying a little to touch the part of the roll, which has accumulated in the queue of those wishing to catch the lobes handsome without result. Again pilker? In the far distance, dropping the bait to the bottom, unexpectedly have a powerful and completely unexpected bite. The key here is “unexpected”, because I frankly slept. Hmm, then jig? Then past the snap-in “outlet on the leash”, apparently was the only correct one.

Start with a Keitech Swing Impact Fat in the amount of 2.8 – and 15 minutes later realize I have completely run out of ideas. And how “there are no bad fish – are the wrong gear”? In the last hope again begin to rummage in the bait – well! Chic and unique new Alien Bug from Lucky John – fantasy simulation insect with lots of legs, and at the same time of a shad! And from the first cast, caught the first bass. With the second bite and again the striped robber.

Yes, maybe size and not happy, but when after long suffering, finally began to bite with it on each cast, the mood has improved markedly. Wide body contributed to a very slow decline, and this has been a key factor in order to awaken the appetite of a predator. And, of course, fishing was saved. Perch really was a lot, but what more do you need the spinner, after a long and painful ban, and hungry for a bite?

Moving back to the car, began mentally to sum up: a New place and left for us has not been studied, right? Exactly, which means that definitely worth to come back to take revenge. The potential is incredibly big, and the mother Volga, and always will reward persistent anglers. Yes, and the purest and untouched natural beauty, in the literal sense, drawn to return again and again…

Thank you for Your attention! No tail, You no scales!

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