The only fish

On the weekend managed to escape among the cases of water for a couple of hours. Because the floodplain was predictably Packed with people, and big water bloat is not weak sheep, decided Pochobut on vdsk near the house and at the same time to have a walk in the fresh air with my wife.

She happily agreed, once learned, what will become of us her favorite faithful friend – the camera.

Looking ahead I must say that 90% of the material is her handiwork, that she can say just a special thank you!

Back to the fishing. On this vdsk in the spring the ice stood long enough, even the floodplain of the places have already been opened, and the ice on the canal were all trying to break icebreakers at the beginning of April. Fortunately the temperature is below 15 degrees during the day, for two weeks already corrected this is not “April fools joke” and on the 14th we were on the beach. With a captured long been becoming dusty in the corner of the Ultimatum 2.7 ML and the same Certate 2500R.

Throughout the fishing stick pretty battered, as I was trying to catch not only your Bank but also from under the opposite edge, sending back power cast 18-20-gramme chebureki. Ultimatum predictable coped “5+”, and I, in turn, was further convinced of the correctness when selecting coastal rods.

As expected, the fish in this leaving it tight enough. The first hour passed in idle. Static lines, changing lures, one after another, all have even with the spring fresh air gradually began to pall. But she and the fishing in the city – their fish is not so easy to catch, and you have to work hard. We cannot stand still, you have to go and punch as many places, while changing bait because it is highly probable that to you in this place agreeing with more than one person, especially at the weekend. So my tactic was a quick harvest of already known points, with the change of just a couple of lures and weights weights, and then rush to the new location.

After traveling about half of what I know sudakevich points, processing near the edge, suddenly, it happens a powerful bite, and someone begins to push to the bottom. All compounded by the fact that it happened close to a steep edge. Fish absolutely do not want to go, and the cord is like a knife to the heart was rubbing against the rocky ridge. Well, that at least a long stick took, otherwise I would immediately cut off the braid of the obstacle. After a short time, the fish gave up. And as it turned out, it was not that big perch, just seems he showed all that was capable of pleasure in our struggle to complete.

The bait clackety today chose orange LureMax Sensor the size of 4”, seems to be seemed to need was a small lure, and it shot 4 inch elastic.

While I was thinking about it, the photo shoot went quickly, and the fish returned to their native element. Great trophy and immediately greatly elevated mood to fill me and not let go until the end of fishing.

The wife and run off somewhere with a camera, and I enjoyed the weather, the springtime sunshine and just having a good time on the river. After all, what else do you need? The closest person nearby, water and fish….

After the capture started to darken. Had to catch about an hour. Therefore, discarding the euphoria of victory in the difficult battle I ran to the end of the road and tried again to catch a fish. But there it was, a passive perches did not want to pay more attention to my bait, and only once I was awarded a ringing blow in the crocodile after sunset. Sweeps produced no result, but added excitement to the subsequent fishing. The sun is all the way down over the horizon, and it was time to go home.

In closing this report I want to say – spend time with loved ones not only at home, on the waters, too, have something to do, often choose a family out of the house to the river. Spring is in full swing, fishing is gaining momentum – all good trips!

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