The opening of the spinning season 2018

So there you go. The 2018 fishing season begins. People are slowly waking up after long winter sleep, and the window in all its glory manifests itself already spring.

And although there was still water bodies chained remnants of ice last weekend was where to throw. Naturally itching all winter, and due to some circumstances I was not able to get out on the open Volga in February and March, so as soon as I heard about the open water immediately rushed there.

Of course I clearly understood that there is a risk of running into a wet floodplain roads and somewhere to get stuck, but the desire to fish was stronger… But stronger it was not long. After passing the road on the pavement, and then about 8 km from the nearest village on the dirt road, we safely plant a car. To get out we certainly tried, but the car was quickly buried and a few futile attempts, she almost sat on the bridges.

So I had to walk behind the tractor. By the time we sat about 10 am, by 11 I was out for a “walk”, to the hour I was wandering through the village in search of work tractor, and 3 of us from last forces has dragged the good old T-16.

Which, by the way, pulling us, and I drove a couple of kilometers how he died. The reason for that was his full sinking a few days earlier. But nothing… We dragged him to where the owner was able to repair, and again thanking him for Les Miserables act, still went back to understand a little catch.

And in the floodplain, only waters revealed fish have slowly started to eat, but this was not at all the lakes. Besides from predators until I woke up the pike, and she was very picky about baits. Best of all was small, and long-proven fighter – LC Tango 45 SP.

This kid for the rest of the fishing was done his business and was making quite a splash in the ranks of toothy. Periodically shoots wobblers and more, but it was not so systematically. The gear decided to not carry a bunch of “faggots” and took a long time favorite of Maximus Marauder to 14 grams with Daiwой Сertate 2500 R. the Most proven and the most versatile set to “my floodplain”.

Easy, moderately hard and sensitive – so I would characterize him. With the combination of poles and coils and jigowatt handy if you have, and wobblers ticats good, and most importantly, enough margin of safety to sometimes to throw “tokeloshe” through coastal windbreaks-bushes.

In addition, these fishing do not bring any exorbitant loads on the tackle, and it already works like this. By the way, so had to work her on this trip – 90% of the fish had to literally drag through coastal reeds that is flooded. Here, in the case of hook it was impossible to get to the bait, because the water which this year dropped as soon as you can, I filled in quite strongly, even a small floodplain lake. The reeds that once grew at the water’s edge, was a meter and a half flooded, and all the bites was it for him and when playing, these conditions left no margin for error.

But on the other hand this definitely is a big plus. Plenty of water should be good for the dried floodplain. Was very pleased to see rising over the edge of the ponds, and the fish rush to the shallow water. In spring, the floodplain is full of life and goes on, and though winter lingered in our area.

In General, the season has opened, although not without incident, but it will be something to remember. Good fishing to all!

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