The pike fishing art for patient

Pike is a worthy trophy that is the dream of any fisherman. But not everyone can be a trophy to obtain – because the pike fishing is a real art that requires skill and patience.

Pike retains its activity all year round – she hibernates in winter and summer, well caught. Though this predator has their own preferences: she doesn’t like too warm water, it becomes sluggish and inactive. But in cool streams with clear water (standing muddy waters she doesn’t like), especially in the rainy weather to catch a pike – a pleasure. Of course, if you have the necessary gear and skills.

Seasonality – when to fish for pike?

Winter fishing for pike can bring a good catch, if you chose the confluence of the river of the Creek and going fishing in cloudy weather in a thaw. Pike are biting well on first ice in those places where the water is a little warmer than in the main reservoir.

Spring pike fishing promises a big catch. In March, as soon as the snow began to melt, and in the second half of April, when the spawning was over, pike are best to catch on spinning. During the spawning season fishing is to desist – the pike sluggish and the bait reacts rather cool.

Summer fishing for pike is a difficult task. Hot weather, the predator does not like, preferring to sit at depth. But in reeds and Lily pads pick up small specimens, even at noon to catch a pike weighing about 1 kg.

Autumn fishing. With the advent of cold weather, the pike moves away from the shore into deeper water in search of food. Nevertheless, autumn is considered the magic of the season – stock up on strong tackle and a good bait and then catch individuals 3-5 kg you just guaranteed!

There are several passive and active methods of fishing for pike:

Fishing flyer

The flyer called cut from a tree branch in the shape of a slingshot on which is wound a fishing line. It is wound criss-cross on the end is attached a sinker and leash with bait. The task of the fisherman to attach the flyer on the Bank – stick into the ground or tied to driftwood, and sinker with the bait placed in the pond. Passive this type of fishing is called for the reason that, as a rule, a flyer with bait left overnight, in the hope of a good morning catch.

Catching pike on the circle

If you have a boat you can use for catching pike circle from foam core with a wound on his fishing line with a sinker and a bait. Select one or more of these clubs in areas of flow at depth, and be patient. When they start biting, the circle will turn. What’s great about circles – they wander over the surface of the pond, looking for fish. If the current is too strong, the circle is better to anchor to avoid being carried away. Experienced fishermen recommend the use of circles in quiet waters without strong currents.

Fishing bait

Special float rod for pike has a solid rod and is equipped with throughput rings and coil. Features: large cork float and mandatory leash of twisted metal strands, which will be resistant to sharp teeth of a predator. Live bait fishing with pike fishing rod is effective on the rivers in wooded areas, where there are shaded areas, snags and small whirlpools, which loves to dwell pike.

Catching pike on spinning

This is the most popular method among the modern fishermen, and the varieties of tackle and techniques for catching a huge amount, and every experienced fisherman has their own tricks and secrets.

The basic techniques of fishing on spinning
  • Fishing with silicone lures. Bait onto hooks with a lead head. Used braided fishing line and the rod of the middle class.
  • Fishing jerks on teachingby crankbaits. This requires a fishing line and an inextensible rigid rod.
  • Bladeless large fishing lures. For this you will need a powerful rod with a bait casting reel.
  • Trolling for pike with a motor boat, when the lures drag behind the boat. This technique is effective on a large pond, and with certain efforts, the catch may be very large.
What kind of bait is used when fishing on spinning?

The main requirement, which applies to all methods of pike fishing lures needs to be legible even in very muddy water and have bright color. Than the more turbid the water, the brighter you need to choose the bait. But if you use lures with acoustic effect, your chances of a great catch will increase several times.

The most common lures are spoon lures with vibration effect and a rotating colored lures that the pike perfectly distinguishes even in very muddy water. Popular also spinnerbait – they are good for shallow waters and perfectly camouflaged in the algae, thanks to a special furry skirt on the hook. Fishermen also like to use vibrohvosta – bait in the form of fish, twisters, lures resembling worms with tails that vibrate in the water and attract the attention of the predator.

There are many varieties of lures that are effective when fishing for pike. They are designed for different depths and type of water bodies, the power of the flow and the method of fishing.

The pike fishing in the fishing house “Maksimikha” in the suburbs

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