The water in the river was clean and clear

We have in our fishing team fisherman Volodya. He was born in the Kemerovo region, where the first time took up the bait and traveled to local forests and water bodies.

His stories interested me, and sitting in the evening near a fire on the ground our spring departure in the Tver region, we decided together to visit the city of Novokuznetsk and fishing on the tributaries of the Tom river.

A good case has turned up: Volodin friend Alexander, who lives in the city of mettalurgov and Steelworkers, spends all his free time to travel and hike through the taiga rivers and knows these places inside out. Water system of the region is very rich. Many rivers are mountainous, including Tom, which begins its run in the mountains, and then flows into the plain. All of its right tributaries is also fast and rapids, and some rivers clean enough. The spring begins in the upper reaches of the various fish.

This Dace, grayling, taimen, and in the fall in tributaries rises Tom white salmon. Fish remain in the rivers until the end of October and the first frost starts to slide back. At this time, a large number of anglers come to the river to hunt for хариусом.

Together with Volodya decided to fly the flight to the city of Kemerovo, it was a bit cheaper than to fly to Novokuznetsk. At the airport we met a relative of my friend Sergei, and by car we went to the Smithy.

A short tour of the city and buy food for the hike, we called Alexander and agreed on the place and time of collection. Check-out was appointed in the second half of the day. Sasha met us near the fighting horse. Machine KAMAZ stood fallow and waiting for its riders. Company our team was made up of Alexander’s father, Nikolai Petrovich. He is seventy years old, he is strong and physical man who loves his native land, nature and fishing.

Features carp fishing in August on the float rod

So, in a way. Due to the late departure, we decided to get to the place of fishing with one overnight stay. To the small village of Aspen Pleso arrived at a very normal way. Here we had to buy licenses for fishing. The cost of this document hundred rubles per person per day.

And here the first difficulty, the river, the Upper TERS. The map shows the bridge, in fact it was only the support. After the rain water flow of the river flooded coastal Bush, the current increased several times, so overcoming that obstacle has become more complicated. But our guide knows his business. Putting the car in position the cabin against the current at a slight angle to the shore, he entered the river. The flow of water resisting technology, yet allows us to overcome the obstacle with little loss of the car. After the first river, we continue the trip further. And finally, because of the rotation seemed to be the purpose of our trip – river lower TERS.

Hastily having had a bite sandwiches all came out on the first fishing trip. I did not catch near the boys, and moved down the river to a small hole, which was formed along the coast. The first casts at once – bite. Several small grayling caught on a small spinner. Put the spinner number 3, and once the hook caught the bigger fish. Two Lenka become trophies, the largest of which weighed 700 grams. On this decide to finish the first day of fishing, affects the long road.

The next day we Volodya was an action plan proposed by Alexander. He decides to take us up the river on the car for five miles, and he moves from the previous Parking lot down to the same distance.

So we drove the five kilometers, and left alone on the pebbly shore of the river. Weather is not spoiled, the sky was overcast, with a strong wind blowing, leaves hope that the rain will soon end. Soon the sun came out, delighting in the warmth, but the rain did not forget to test our coats and backpacks on strength.

With me on this trip I didn’t take the waders, was limited to wetland boots, this complicates my move on the river, rising after rains on two feet.And what about the fish she was eating well, but again it is small grayling, the largest three hundred grams, caught a few Lenkov, these fish could be found under the good debris and washed under them pits. The next morning from the first ray of sun burst into the tent, we saw around our yard growing wild garlic, this is a very useful plant, resembling in taste the garlic very much appreciated by the local population, zagotavlivali it in store with the help of salt and drying.

The weather that day had improved, and although occasionally rattled thunderstorms with heavy rainfall, the sun more warm the earth. This in turn made the fish more grayling were located in places where wood or rocks shadow the water, but in such cubbyhole and waiting for their prey silver handsome. In one place a strong current washed away the shore and over the water hanging branches of a willow, which was good at hiding from the sun a very decent pit.

Assessing the place as a prospective, I have put a small, sinking Wobbler with a bright orange color and started to check every part of the pit. Poklevok was not long, but the feeling did not fail, suddenly someone abruptly stopped bait at this point I realized that it was trout, but the fish were modest in size, it weighed about one kilogram. Gently removing the hook, the poor guy, released it in a quiet spot of the river: it is done to ensure that trout could still have some time to rest from fighting the fisherman, and then swim to its place on the jet.

After three hours of traffic I and Volodya came to the camp, where Alexander and his father. Too tired and drenched from the last rain decided the rest of the day to spend around the campfire for tea of currant leaf.

The next morning, well slept, we decided not to hurry with the fishing. But on this day the fishing was average performance. On Wobbler caught a pike weighing more than a kilogram, which made a splash in the camp: the fact that toothy is a rare visitor. And so we all caught grayling were present.

Dinner was presented cuisine prepared with grayling in fried and raw, and a small amount of strong drink called whiskey turned the evening into a fairy tale in nature.

Leisurely awakening lasted for an hour: some sooner, some later, we left the beds in the car and began to take ice baths, jumping into a river.

As in the last day, fishing all started after lunch, only this time, I chose a route down by the river. After about a kilometre I managed to find a long and wide pit. Started to sh, slowly moving down, there occurred the first bite, the fish came down a minute later, another fish took Vlasenko. After a little resistance on shore was extracted flax 600 grams. More on this place bites, and walked on.

After going about the same distance, seeing great reach with deep blue water, decided to put a small Twister with a weight of 15 grams. But the bite was not. Signifying a place of fishing, continued fishing on the spinner third issue, but poklevok was not. A little further downstream was evident long roll. I decided to go to the other side of the river, and fishing began with throwing a small fan to the opposite shore. The fish began to take immediately on the first transaction, it was a grayling, it is located under the overhanging over the water with grass. His bite was different sharpness, while it is not every time it turned to strike. The fish were not large, 200-400 grams, but when playing brought a lot of fun.

Then I decided to try their luck in catching larger prey, hoping that the trout will bite. For this it was necessary to equip the spinning crank orange five centimeters in length. Taking the Wobbler small aftershocks, I felt a sharp jerk and immediately made a slightly cutting. The fish immediately made a throw in the opposite direction, and at first I thought it was a trout, but a subsequent struggle revealed in this fighter Lenka. Holding the fish a few seconds for the jet to bear her jumps to the bushes, I brought pound leopard to the shore. Beautiful!

The next morning the sound of the alarm clock forced to pull my head from the pillow. Quietly leaving the shelter of the machine and having Breakfast of fried grayling, I moved to yesterday’s point. At the first cast became caught grayling and a couple of the village Lenk. The river in these areas is divided into the ducts, and I had to choose the most humid and deep, but it was a fish. Decide to stay a bit longer in this place, and not in vain – a throw bait brings the bite. However, the fish behaves differently. She stubbornly pulls towards. But the struggle was not long, caught trout weighed just over a kilogram, I fired back.

The next day we decided to dedicate the lower section of the river. Alexander told us that near the river there are beautiful marble rocks of different colours. The fishing hole drove for half an hour. Rocks of white, black and yellow close to the river, and under them was a very impressive pit depth of three meters. Of course, I could not miss such a place. Taking up a position just above the pool, began methodically to check each prospective point. In the first place showed themselves grayling, who stood nearly each place, where the stream takes him food, he’s sharp throw and attacked passing him the bait. However, of the ten bites I managed to pick up a couple fish at 150 grams.

Come to the pit. Not making any sudden strokes, send a lure into the water, waiting for her to sink to the bottom, and start to rotate the handle of the coil. As soon as the spinner came off from the bottom, there was a bite. It’s Goldilocks, the usual dance spotted a fighter, and he’s already lying on the rocks in a small hole. After releasing the fish, continue to catch. Another bite, a small trout bait pinned to the bottom. Removing fish a few videos let her go into the water. Some time continue to fish in the same place, it turns out to get another one Lenka.

All day Volodya proceeded slowly on foot up the river to the camp. Sasha and his father had gone to lunch, leaving us at the disposal of this section of the river. The surprises happen in the evening madly pecking grayling. Taking some fish for the evening fish soup, we headed back to our Parking lot.

A couple of days we enjoyed the local nature, fishing. The river regularly gave grayling, and occasionally came across Goldilocks. Once completed, this journey has come to an end. What conclusions can we make about this river? In General, this is a great training ground for fly fishing, hope Lenkov and the trophy taimens is not necessary. Of course, someone skips to catch red-finned handsome pounds on six, but this exception to the local rules

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