Topwater Popper Tips: How To Fish The Googan Squad Blooper

Mystery Tackle Box posted a video on their YouTube channel of Alex highlighting his favorite features from the Googan Squad Blooper. Learn how, when, and why to fish this slick surface lure.

Topwater popper tips from the one and only Alex Peric. Watch along as Peric breaks down the new Googan Squad Blooper in a quick and easy on the water video. While AP is known for his goofy antics, he’s also a solid bass stick, especially with a topwater popper.

Key Blooper Features

Popper Fishing 101

A topwater popper is a floating lure designed with a cupped mouth and baitfish profile. Poppers typically have two treble hooks with the back hook often being feathered. Anglers create a unique blooping and popping noise with poppers by imparting quick twitches to their the rod tip. Poppers are known for mimicking the action of baitfish and bugs which bass feed on at the water’s surface. Like all topwater baits, poppers generally work best in water temperatures over 55 degrees.

Work your rod with quick twitches on a slackline while keeping the rod tip high, this will help create the distinctive ”bloop” sound.

Perics Popper Points

  • Peric uses 30lb Googan Squad Braided Line on a casting rod with his Blooper
  • He likes to keep slack in his line to help his bait walk back and forth
  • Peric has noticed that topwater Poppers catch smaller fish, especially schooling bass. This makes the Blooper a great ”numbers bait”
  • Peric believes the closer you get this bait to cover the better chance at getting a bite, especially during sunrise and sunset.
  • Peric fishes his popper near shad and cover because he believes bass are feeding on small baitfish at these times.
  • He likes to work the Blooper with slack in his line while moving the rod tip up and down for an increased action.

The Bloopers has a set of Rumble Strips applied to the it’s belly for an increased look and action.

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