Tricks good bite fishing

What was interesting is that if you stand next to them (in reasonable distance), then the floats could stand all night, only veriplace and change tugged at the bait. The picture is interesting.

5 or 6 years ago, I witnessed local fishermen one of the distant from city villages at the same time of day (evening) on the river from one place regularly pulled a trophy perch, roach and sometimes Surat.

When meeting with local fishermen, I and my friend had carefully studied the tackle of the professionals. I will say this, gear was from the distant light of the time of the Soviet Union, some massive, compared to our modern, and rude. Obviously big hooks, thick line (if I am not mistaken, 0.3 mm), bulky homemade (tube) float. And it all worked well fished. Judge for the evening, the old-timers managed to catch up a dozen good perch and plotvits.

And so, every day. Without any bait and any special modern tools and tricks. As bait used conventional manure worm, whose grandfather mined in the pile of old manure and bedding from their own cows. Actually, we were digging there, but our results were much worse that have caused me resentment, anger and a host of questions, among which in the first place was: WHY do they have pecks, but we have not, what is the SECRET of the trick?

Local clearly noticed our vanity, to the same vacation me and a friend came to an end, and we had something urgent to do in fishing. Fortunately, in the villages and on the periphery of people slightly different than in the cities: a little kinder, more attentive, friendlier and easier. One evening the old-timers called us to him, we made tea on the fire and one of the local fishermen were invited to fish in its place. We could not miss this chance.

Casting was done in a clearly specified by the grandparent’s place. In the end, a decent catch. For all the time we the first time felt a heavy weight on the hook, and our rods bent nicely. The secret was simple.

In the spring, selecting a good deep spot on the river, fishermen imbedded in the water of the old dried-up Christmas trees (there are many after the New year at or near a landfill), twigs, etc. to fix it all at the bottom, the fishermen tied the withered trees, tied to them 2-3 bricks and all this was placed in the water. By mid-summer, on the branches of the drowned trees have accumulated a sufficient number of aquatic insects, which attract fish. Throwing the tackle into a net between the trees, you can count on a decent catch. After a year, I sometimes resort to this method, plunging into the water in the fall or spring to interesting places dry trees and branches. And I tell You, in such places fishing is almost always good and promising.

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