Walleye from the ice on the Moscow sea

Walleye, perch and pike, is one of the most common predators of large bodies of water suburbs and always a welcome prey for the fishermen.

January and February, perhaps, the most difficult months to catch fish in the middle zone of Russia. It is connected primarily with the fall of the content of dissolved oxygen in the water, respectively, decreased activity of most fish. And although the light day becomes longer, the thickness of the ice and snow continues to be great.

In 50 years we hunted in the winter for walleye ice is most often on the Moscow sea. One of these days my neighbor is an avid angler, had a kind of competition: I began to catch pike on live bait and he was on a soft bait. As a result of this spontaneous competition, I caught only 3 perch, and the neighbor – 12. The result told for itself. Since of the lure of rubber become binding in the range of my artificial lures.

Winter fishing rod for vertical fishing for pike from the ice consists of fishing rods for blesneniya, easy clearomizer coils open type, the nod, the main line and the leash with the bait. A nod is attached to the whip with a rubber coupling. A nod of conical metal plates with a polymer coating that does not lose its properties at any temperature. Working length when hunting walleye about 5 cm diameter of the main fishing line 0,25 mm. the Leash of metal, with a diameter of 0.2 mm with a polymer coating. He “fanged” no line bites, but it can make pike who peck sometimes in the same places.

The main part of the snap is, of course, the very rubber of the artificial bait, to make which at home is very simple.

From twig soft rubber with a diameter of 16 mm, cut off part of a length of 70-80 mm and the ends rounded. Billet is passed through the steel rod from stainless steel with a diameter of about 1 mm. To one end of the rod through the spherical head is made of solid red plastic is attached to the swivel, which then attaches the leash. Feature of snap are two swivel – one attached to the bait and leash, another leash and the main line. The modern swivel in the snap-ins took its place: it prevents twisting of the fishing line, facilitates the replacement of artificial lures and contributes to the game when posting.

At a distance of 25-30 mm from the anterior part of the body of the lure is a side cut and glue inserts a record of solid purple plastic in the shape of a propeller. Most importantly, the weight and size bait fits the specific conditions of fishing. Ogruzka is performed using a lead wire. Anglers have noticed that the closer ogruzka to the hook, the more frequent biting walleye. Tee masked colored plumage. The eyes of the lure are made using white lacquer and pupils using black.

Currently soft baits are made mainly from silicone and foam rubber, which are constantly advertised, but I still prefer rubber – they are much more durable, are more stable at different depths and are usually smaller gatherings of predator after hooking.

Everyone knows that their Parking pack walleye usually choose the sites of confluence in the reservoir of large and small rivers, snags, drop offs and changes in depths, pits, springs, the rubble of stones. In such places, “fanged” lasts almost all year round. On feeding the flock go on their permanent “trails” that can vary depending on the movements of the swarms of fry. Temporary Parking and flocks very short search on the ice it is advisable to keep a group or two. Step on the ice, we drill 10-12 holes at once every 15-25 m off the rocks at depth, and then fished at a time. In one of the holes I put a two-liter jar with water, which swim live fish. They are likely very attracted to predators. After fishing the Bank is removed and the fish released into the wild.

Start hunting, preferably with low water depths, gradually approaching the main course. In winter, Zander bite better in clear frosty days and almost stops to be caught at the breaks in the weather, the sudden change in atmospheric pressure.

Fishing technique on “rubber” is much easier than other artificial lures. The gameplay in the hunt for walleye is to lower the bait on the ground, and the ascents are made by the strokes of the rod to a height of 20-30 cm In all cases, the angler is desirable to have a sounder.

The technique of the game rubber bait pause should be longer – 12 seconds. “Fanged” prefer monotonic game.

The walleye bite is felt by the angler as a slight jolt or sudden weight. Cutting must be done sharp. Sometimes a biting fish is paused and the angler will feel it only at the next rising up, so better after each transaction and pause to do the cutting. Cut the fish need to draw out as quickly as possible, without weakening the line. Oddly enough, but often large perch behaves when playing a lot better than ordinary instances.

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