Watch A 50 Pound Fish Get Pulled Through A TINY Hole In The Ice

A Minnesota angler just landed a MONSTER musky while ice fishing on one of the states most famous lake.

Mark Kottke was targeting Northern Pike with his tip-up devices on Lake Mille Lacs when an estimated 50lb musky munched on the large sucker fish he was using for bait.

Ice Fishing For Musky Was Not The Goal

The Minnesota musky season is closed during the winter months which means anglers can’t target or keep musky. Any fish caught out of season must be immediately released.Understanding and adhering to fishing regulations makes for an enjoyable experience while helping protect our valuable waterways.

The 2020 Minnesota’s musky season opens back up on June 6th and will run through November 30th.

Ice Fishing With Tip Ups

A tip-up is a tool used while ice fishing that allows anglers to suspend live or dead bait at a set depth through a hole drilled in the ice.

Similar to having an extra live-bait rod, a tip-up allows you to put out a second offering while you target another area.

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