What success in fishing?

One fisherman missing a few of the sailor, the other a dozen and kg is not enough. But still, the fishing is so interesting, exciting, simply beautiful in all respects lesson that without which life can not imagine for many years.

Therefore try to involve her as best relatives, friends and acquaintances. So, in General, different. Sometimes successfully, sometimes not. What is there to talk, will tell you better than a real case.

And managed to invite me fishing, and even in winter, the husband of my aunt Teddy! It was in one district town on the Oka river. Came here on a business trip, but my aunt and her husband and daughter lived there permanently.

Aunt, I must say, loves fish almost as much as my wife. But if I want to fish, it is only “through the store”. Husband, Bear (in fact, Mirza, nationality), not a fisherman. Work at the plant and other sources of wealth, alas, has not.

In General, travel on business, settled, naturally. In the first evening before the weekend, after a cool dinner, started this conversation:

– Hey, Mirza, have you ever, anywhere fish live saw?

– Not seen. Exactly. No. At home, in the mountains, no. In the army, no. Factory no. You see?

– Want to see?

– Do you have? Show, Yes!

– I have not. In the river there. Will go tomorrow to the CMOS, there will show.

Here Mirza (aka Bear), apparently, decided that joke, and replied:

– Listen, why tomorrow, let’s show now, right? Ha ha!

– Not-e-et, it’s too late, it’s dark, will not be seen. Let’s go tomorrow.

After about an hour we fell asleep, and soon in the silence of the night was heard only a thin, even some gentle Mishkin snoring in the next room.

Dawn tried to Wake him up. There it was:

– What fish? Dark, look, its not visible at all. Sleep come on, yeah!

Mirza, you promised!

– Promised, rosabel. The night goes on, need to lie down and sleep. All.

And then it hit me:

Sergeant Gharibyan, rise! Come build!

Jumped as if stung and “reflex” began to quickly get dressed. Then – “Ugh! Raised why? I have a vet for a long time, Yes!”

– Come on, Mirza. You wanted a live fish to see. All awake already. Come on, get ready. And wear warmer clothes, winter in the yard. Especially shoes.

Soon gathered. Captured a couple of sandwiches and a thermos of tea. Not forgotten and winter fishing rod (always carried with me during winter trips, and in summer, of course, take years).

To the river only fifteen minutes walking the course, and over the quarter of an hour, Mirza has managed ten times, sighing, and muttered:

– Why you go, right? The fish is also not summer. Sleeping.

– What is howl? Fish – not a bear paw winter sucks.

– So. Understood. She, like all winter too wants to eat. Huh?

– That’s it!..

So that’s five sentences, and already went out on the ice. Neither successfully, nor the brace is not to be brought to the hope of the local fishermen. Yes, they are, in General, is not needed. Quite warm, because the last hole and does not freeze.

Located in three old wells, began to explain the relative principles and the intricacies of winter fishing. And he, staring into the hole, did not hear anything. It turns out, was trying that and see in the hole “live fish”.

Give him spinning with a lure, and he, half asleep blinking their black eyes, understands nothing:

– Why is it, huh?

Why? Then! Put that piece of metal with a hook in the hole and twitched. The fish they catch.

– Alive? Yes?

– No, salty!.. Or fried…

– Listen, why so serious?

Again explained Mirza that he should do.

– Understand?

– Be sure to understand. All-understood. Why do fish eat iron?

Here you again! Do something he did not understand. What can you do?

– All Right, Mirza. Do as I say. We’ll see.

Soon really became “visible” Mirza hooked the same fish, or rather fish, a small perch. Out of the hole, a long time staring at the prey, he sighed. Then he spoke looking at her perch, and in my, not so small by this time, the catch:

– Just a little. Quite sprats in tomato sauce.

– Yes, you yourself (in the sense of fishing) is also very small. Learn – grow.

Somewhere else in an hour, maybe less, buddy caught another bass, bigger than the first one. Then congratulated myself with success, solemnly took over the tea party. After this procedure, he returned the rod.

Mish, are you? Let’s catch!

– All-all-all. I have already caught, Yes. Want to go home. The boots froze. Legs, Yes.

Nothing to do, had to cut bait (in all senses).

Came home. It is important Mirza handed to the mother of his two Okounkov (my categorically rejected):

– Fry, please. Lunch will be.

That, of course, quickly fried them, then our “lucky” fisherman took the pan and returned it to the stove. There he added “zhareha” a dozen eggs.

With feeling, really, for a drink, feeling a distinct pleasure from this process, cleaned up all the pan and, panting, leaned back in his chair:

Good fishing was. Yes.

– Still anything goes?

– No, of course. I, living fish have not seen, right?

At this point, returned his wife.

– Mish, lunch will be?

– No, I already ate fish. It was a lot…

I must say, he really more fishing, as they say, or foot. Although the only experience still considered very successful and sometimes eagerly proves that he once caught a fish “a whole big frying pan”.

Such is the measure of success.

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