Where and why the fishing

Place of food concentration for fish is the mouth. Sit slightly above it, as the fish tends to go where streams merge. In the flood period the inflow fills the river with insects and worms, so use natural bait to simulate the movement of small fish, which is hunting predatory fish.

We all know: fish is caught while searching for food.

In places of narrowing of rivers where bridges are built, the water flows faster. There is going to be the food of fishes. Bridges (and through the rivers, and through standing water) cast a shadow, which is off the coast denser, where likes to stand and fish. So fish downstream in the shadow of the bridge abutments. Fishing from the bridge will be more successful when you use a landing net, which will help to pull out the caught fish.

Look for long bridges that go far into the water. Through the cracks of the planks you can see a flock of fishes, lurking predator. Successful can be fishing at the jetty in the evening, where the day used to moor boats (they often screw cut for small fish and then the bait won’t need).

Fish love to stand in the fields of plants. The shivering lilies, reeds and cane give the presence of fish. Lure the fish closer to the water plant, but use the fishing line tight.

Suitable for successful fishing zone return flows before dams and embankments. Perches hills (elevations under water) and plateaus, particularly small ones, unknown to other fishermen, promising catch. Craters and pits especially attract fish in winter, because the bottom water is warmer.

And yet, if You in your new pond, the answer to the question where and on what caught fish available from local fishermen. Communicate, ask – fishermen often are happy to share with You some secrets to catching fish in this pond. But do not forget about common courtesy and understanding that You fishing – for example, no need to scream and actively waving their hands when talking…

To make fishing rewarding, be observant and patient.

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