Where Do Anglers Poop While Ice Fishing?

Just like open water fishing, I try to get my poop done at the closest fast food restaurant. In this case, a Taco Bell where I order two breakfast crunchrwaps, three hash browns and a mountain dew. Standard stuff.

Since we only cover the hard-hitting topics on this fishing blog, we decided to answer, once again, the question on everyone’s mind. “Where do you poop while you’re ice fishing?”

But what happens if that crunchwrap + dew combo comes back to bite? If you’re a new angler and don’t know to sit on the throne at your local establishment? Well, here are 7 options to help you out.

1. In A Hole

Lakes are literally natures toilet. Walk away from the group, find some privacy, pop a hole, and poop into it. Easy enough.

2. At the dock

Don’t be lazy and actually poop into the lake. Walk back to the dock where there’s port-o-potties and other amenities.

3. In a bucket

Some crafty Canadians created a “portable pooper,” designed to poop while ice fishing. After a closer look, it is basically just a bucket with a lid, so “designed” is a stretch. But it’s still cool to have!

4. In the snow

I can tell you from experience pooping in the snow is fun. That is all.

5. At a store/house

One fun thing about ice fishing is you’re often not too far from the bank. Depending on your speed and the friendless of the neighbors near your pond, you’re more than welcome to make mud in their house.

6. In someone else’s shanty

Sometimes the best place to seek privacy is right under your nose. Just not literally. Head on over to an empty shanty and work quickly.

7. In your pants

This is EXCLUSIVELY a last minute desperation move. However, it will at least provide warmth.

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