Where The Sukoshi Shines

The first product in the 10,000 Fish line-up is our Sukoshi Bug – Meaning ‘A Little’ in Japanese, the Sukoshi bug is the ideal soft bait for adding to the back of your favorite Ned Rig set-up.

Designed with our proprietary Stretch-X material, this bug floats, stays pinned to your rig, and stretches like crazy.

10,000 Fish is a new, JDM Inspired brand that will serve as the conduit connecting high-end Japanese inspired designs with engaged North American anglers. This all-new brand is brought to you by the team at Catch Co. so you know it’s going to kick bass.

The 2.5” plastic comes available in 8 mouth-watering colors to help match the hatch in your local waterways.
Largemouth can’t get enough of the bug.

The ideal bait for targeting clear water or pressured fish, the Sukoshi Bug pairs perfectly with any Ned Rig style jighead. The ribbed body design combined with it’s eight dangling tentacles allows for a slower rate of fall compared to your typical ned rig bait.The added ridges and tentacles give the bait extra action on the way down while also serving as little pockets to store fish attracting scent.

Sleeper Sukoshi Bug Techniques

In addition to the ned rig, try rigging the Sukoshi Bug on the back of a finesse jig or while fishing a mini finesse Carolina Rig (AKA The Mojo Rig). The added buoyancy from the Stretch-X plastic keeps the Sukoshi Bug floating which is ideal on either set-up.

The ability to float while at rest helps the Sukoshi Bug mimic the defensive posture of a crawfish which bass really seem to like.

Rigging The Sukoshi Bug

Rain or shine. The bug gets it done.

Spinning tackle will be the best option for both castability and sensitivity when fishing this bait. I like to use 10-15lb braided main line attached to a 6-8 pound fluorocarbonleader. The added castability and sensitivity from the braid help me detect bites and bottom contour with ease.The abrasion resistance and clear nature of the fluorocarbon fishing line help prevent break offs and spooking finicky fish. Any good drop shot or hair jig rod will work well with this bait.

Sukoshi Bug FAQ’S

Available in the bass classic Blue Craw pattern.

What is the Sukoshi Bug made of?

The Sukoshi Bug is made from a proprietary plastic material that we’ve dubbed ‘Stretch X’. It’s insanely strong and allows your bait to stay pinned on your rig, stretch like and crazy, and hold up after continued fish catches.

What Does Sukoshi Mean?

Sukoshi means ‘a little bit’ in Japanese which we feel accurately represents this micro bass snack!

Will it damage other soft plastics?

The unique blend of the plastic materials will damage other soft plastic baits so storing your Stretch-X plastic baits in a safe place is a good idea.

Does It Actually float?

Yes! It’s completely buoyant!

Floats like a boat.

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