Women’s fly fishing

It just so happens that fishing is considered to be a strictly male occupation, but fly fishing especially. About him not know even avid, experienced anglers, and to catch in this way may be less than 10 % of the total fishing population of our country. It just so happened that the fly fishing in Russia is not particularly popular.

Of course,there are ladies that love to sit on the Bank of the pond with a float or by ground, there are those who quite successfully practiced fishing spinning reel though, as a rule, in calm conditions. But those who practice extreme fishing, which is in most cases fly fishing, very little. A few of the beautiful half of humanity will agree to spend all day waist-deep in icy water, almost constantly “waving” hands and a fishing rod, which may and light, but not weightless.

I do not know fortunately or unfortunately, my other half, just a rare exception. She is interested in fly fishing, and out of the water to get her out is problematic, especially when good Kleve. It is for this reason I decided to consider some aspects of fly fishing to make it more attractive to women.

Still, I’ll start with the fact that not all women love fishing as such. If you are lucky and your woman positively to her concerns (if not crazy about this kind of active rest), then you can safely skip this paragraph.

In a typical case, we still need to somehow lure her to the river. First, make sure that it will be good – dry and warm weather. Even many avid anglers are not very fond of rain and sleet, and even our other halves even more. Then choose her clothes so that was not cold, not hot, not crowded. In a word, so nothing distracts from the process of fishing and did not add negative emotions that will appear when attempts of the cast. Don’t forget to give a baseball cap with sunglasses is a necessary measure for sun protection and bad casts.

There is one small caveat: it is desirable that all looked harmoniously and elegantly, so your lady will be pleased. Fishing wading in the cold water supply waders or, in extreme cases, swamp boots. If the water is warm and there is no need deep-dive into it, it is better to do without waders. Even the expensive ones will be too hot in the summer Inferno, and, most likely, you will not be able to find women’s size in our stores. Too big waders will be very ridiculous to look at the woman, and so will lower her self-esteem, which will inevitably affect the impression of fishing. An important psychological fact – don’t wear the waders or boots if you are dressed up in their half.

Then take care of the knowledge of materiel, namely about the structure of fly fishing tackle. Show how to properly collect it, how it is more rational to thread the cord through rings, how to bind the undergrowth and fly. Help Board, what fly to choose and as it to catch.

Draw a short lesson on the fly casting. For the first time do not need to worry about it technology. Just train a couple of casts, namely the “overhead” and “rollcast”. For the first time, it will be enough just with a vengeance.

To get started just a few times show cast, indicating a checkpoint during its execution. Then a few times throw it by hand. And only then offer to try and help with the elimination of gross errors.

Teaching fishing is better to start with dry flies. To handle them much easier. What is important in the conditions of our rivers is the most efficient lure (though not always, this concerns the size of the trophies).

First you need to tease your lady, to feel the excitement of fishing. Perfect fly fishing small Golovlyov. They destroy everything that falls into the water, and it does not matter how it falls.

Important detail – to start catch fish yourself, but its tackle and fly. Then, if something goes wrong and she’s not gonna bite, you will be able to refute her version of neulovimoe tackle or bait. The main thing is to spur interest in fishing. If it is, then further training will be much better.

Now let’s talk about the fly fishing on the surface. In the Middle Band is, of course, beetle or other large enough (to visibly), netonomy over time (which is important) simulation. Fishing method is very simple: the bait is fed under the overhanging Bush, and then floats for a while, then thrown. No strips, the first time you don’t want them to worry. Everything should be as simple and easy.

Subject to such conditions, and if the fishing will be good, a good catch will spur interest, and so there will be one more great way to spend time together. So you can teach the fly fishing and children, but, unfortunately, I have not developed with your practice in this area.

The last item on the fish. Explain your fisherwoman, it is better to release what was caught on the hook, so as not to destroy the seed and keep the population in the river. And as the main argument recall that in this case it doesn’t have to clean the released fish.

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