D. A. M VJ Longhorn is the perfect bait for Zander and perch

Silicone bait, no doubt, are among the most popular baits for fishing lures.

In our boxes they reproduce throughout the season. Manufacturers are keenly aware that among anglers bait silicone is very popular, constantly offer them some kind of innovation.

D. A. M Longhorn is another representative of new models of lures, specially prepared for catching specific species of fish. We invite you to our review.

General characteristics

VJ lure of the Longhornthat we tested, are characterized by a narrow shape. The manufacturer claims their products as the ideal for catching Zander and perch. We became very curious how these new products will appeal to our predators.

Quality and performance

At first sight it is worth noting the form of the lure. Rubber is very filigree and delicate. There is no major hoof, only a small ponytail. The base of the tail thin and flat. The body has a cigar shape, slightly flattened laterally. All the body of the lure is covered with structure, imitating scales.

The manufacturer gives a choice of several options. From classic pearl to a fantastic combinations of different color combinations. An interesting solution was proposed lures in unusual colors.


Company D. A. M clearly indicates that VJ Longhorn is bait for perch and pike-perch. However, we are convinced that the lure also will work well for the pike. For pike good show itself big lures in the size of 15 cm The smallest is 9 cm model can be used for catching fish and even big Chub.

VJ Longhorn works fine on the classic jig – head. The model is 11 cm on a jig head 18 grams works well, as stated by the manufacturer. Lure flickers slightly at the sides when the wires makes winding movement and a playful wagging tail. Heavy weight jig head dampen the play of the lure. Testing has shown that the best it works on the load – head type “Cheburashka”.

In action

Each of us have seen hundreds of different silicone lures. Today’s market offers lures in a huge number of models, concepts and objectives.

VJ Longhorn is an extremely versatile lure with a very attractive game. In our opinion, this is bait, specially designed for cargo – heads type “Cheburashka”. If we are talking about strength, then the bait does not stand out and is no different from other silicone lures. And of course, we must realize that several of the captured pike will forever destroy durable bait Longhorn.


VJ Longhorn is not cheap. The stores sell bait in small or large packages. Depending on the size determines the number of lures. For example, 5 pieces per packaging unit model size: 11 cm costs around 6.50€.

Overall impression

An intriguing product from VJ, a bit different from many available baits on the market. Great job, interesting color combination. A very versatile bait in terms of reinforcement and application.

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