A house on the water for recreation and fishing

Water holds a special place in human life. And it’s not even that it needs to drink. Just think – all life on Earth, if you believe the scientists, emerged from the ocean. In the water there’s something attractive and romantic.

It attracts and lures. In the end, it’s one of those things that, according to philosophers, you can watch endlessly! So, why not start to live on the water or at least to relax.

A house on the water for recreation and fishing.

The most romantic and peaceful form of entertainment.Today, there are quite a large number of surface buildings. Most of them, unfortunately, can not swim because of the nature of the design. Other inconvenient and unnecessarily large. The creators of the house-boat, Le Koroc offer only your opinion to this house. Tiny house floating on the water, not afraid of bad weather and almost completely Autonomous in terms of resources. Perfect for relaxing leisure time on the river or lake.

There is an aquarium for a catch.The dimensions of the house are 8×2.6 meters. It may seem that this is quite a bit. In fact it is. On the other hand, to stay alone or with someone, the two more than enough. Weight Le Koroc is 2 560 kg. On the water it is held by two aluminum pontoons. In motion the boat is driven by a powerful 90-horsepower engine Honda BF90 VTEC.

Cabin for vacation.Specifically, this model Le Koroc was created specifically for fans to throw the floats. The house is equipped with swivel seats, which can comfortably fish in a relaxed atmosphere. Has a reservoir for storage of the catch.

In the house-the boat has a comfortable cabin that can live 1-2 people. Inside – bed and dining table.

Kitchen and dining place.Nearby is the small but functional kitchen, which will allow us to prepare meals from fresh catch. There is also a bathroom. It should be noted that it is very thoughtful.

With transportation handle the car.

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