A rating of the best costumes for winter fishing

About the gear for winter fishing it is necessary to think in advance. This is important because sit waiting for the catch you have time, even at night.

As the weather changes so quickly from severe frost to gusty winds that can freeze in minutes

For comfort in winter you need to choose clothing that meets the highest requirements, convenient and cost adequate. In the ranking of the best costumes for winter fishing.

Selection criteria suit for winter fishing

When buying costume, you should know what fabrics are used for manufacturing. Of materials for tailoring of equipment for the fisherman, there are:

  • Polartek. To Polartec, polyester material, characterized by the presence in the composition of cotton, nylon, wool, artificial silk. Fabrics are light, durable. It dries quickly, saves heat.
  • Windbloc. In the tissue Windbloc connected two layers of fleece, a good protection from strong winds, wet snow. The material dries faster than wool or cotton.
  • Taslan. Taslan widely used for sewing of coats, jackets, as it is made of synthetic fabrics based on polyamide fibers. The fabric is strong wear resistance, strength, low hygroscopicity. The material repels water, allow the skin to breathe, easy to care for them.
  • Membrane fabric. Innovative membrane fabric consists of many layers. Its function is protection from the cold, moisture. Works well at low temperatures the membrane pores, but is longer bespravie material. The jacket is made of a membrane fabric feel comfortable in any weather.

To pick out a suit for winter fishing worth considering these criteria:

  1. The best are models with an anatomic cut, when the back is long, and the front part is shorter.
  2. Sides of the jacket must be spacious pockets and extra – storage small appliances fishing.
  3. Well protected from the strong wind the hood and collar. First can release, with clasps of the type Velcro.
  4. The seams on the product distinguish those that are well stitched, they won’t disperse as glued.
  5. For winter is better to choose costumes with bright colors. It will help to quickly detect fisherman with him if an emergency happened. But the bottom of the sleeves and trousers should be dark.
  6. Well, when proposed in set pair of knee pads, gloves with folding fingers.

Suit for winter fishing usually consists of dungarees and jackets.

A rating of the best costumes for winter fishing

On the market offer a large number of jackets and pants for winter fishing. Among them are many well-known brands from different countries of the world.

Top 5 best costumes for fishing in the winter:

  1. Norfin Explorer
  2. Imax ARX
  3. Buran Nord
  4. Ryobi
  5. N Pole
No. 1 Norfin Explorer

Costumes from Estonian producer withstand the cold of forty degrees. They are comfortable to sit with a fishing rod in the tent at night, and feel heat rushing snowmobiles to fishing place. Made of membrane fabric, set of Norfin not only warm, but also allow the skin to breathe.

Is clothing long, as the seams are completely taped. To improve the removal of moisture from the body is embedded in a jacket of a special lining. Very comfortable fisherman in jacket with zip-off hood with two-level adjustment.

Jacket with a snow skirt. During the wind can pull the bottom and waist clamps. Pants with a high waist and knee length – a special bulk insert. In the lower part of the pants sewn zippers help to take them off without removing shoes. Inside – snow gaiter, fleece lining.

The price of a suit ranges from 22 thousand rubles.

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No. 2 Imax ARX

High qualities of a production company from Denmark. Set the angler consists of a double jacket and trousers. The top of the costume is made of a durable taslon. Comfortable in that kind of ammunition and forty degrees of frost, and Blizzard.

Numerous pockets sewn inside and outside outer and inner jackets with artificial insulation. Save your hands from cold and moisture detachable knitted cuffs. A hood with a stiff visor will not give to a strong wind with snow knock your eyes out.

The pants are sewn so that they were comfortable to wear: elastic waist, strengthening the knees, back, comfortable suspenders, side zipper for regulating the width of the leg. And cuffs at the bottom of the pants protects against the ingress of snow inside.

And the cost of the costume is acceptable – 23-24 thousand rubles.

Video review of one of the best suit for fishing – Imax ARX
No. 3 Buran Nord

Many appreciated the convenience and functionality of the suit of the company Nova Tour, consisting of jacket, vest, hat. If suddenly warmer in the winter, you can easily detach the vest, easier clothes.

The advantages of the winter suit Buran Nord include:

  • fleece cuff, not giving out heat;
  • the warm hood can be easily removed;
  • up to eight pockets of varying size;
  • tabs on the zips for quick unzipping pockets, jackets;
  • the adjustment of growth;
  • convenient pockets on the knees.

To suit, a special bag. Despite the volume, the costume is very lightweight, does not restrict movement, long worn. Also produced sets consisting of jacket and jump suit.

Depending on model the price of a suit ranges from 8,000 to 13,000 rubles.

Suit Nova Tour Buran Nord -45: review suit for winter fishing
No. 4 Ryobi Red/Grey

From a membranous tissue made costumes company Ryobi set – jacket and pants type pants. Let the product in bright colors: if red jacket, grey pants with a green top combines dark olive pants.

Dressed fisherman scary curiosities of the Russian winter. Temperature range of use of such clothing is quite wide. It won’t freeze, while long stationary, but if you sweat, the fabric will take the steam from the body. Convenient to set to engage in active ice-fishing at a fairly moderate frost.

Athletic cut of the jacket makes the model a universal type of clothing. As they say, and in the world, and in the feast, and good people. As in conventional articles of this type many pockets have Velcro ® cuffs. The bottom part of it easily stretches to the thumb.

Voluminous high-waisted pants help to cover the chest and back from the wind. The increased density of the fabric on the back and knees rescues fisherman from getting wet when he’s on the ice.

And the cost of suit is acceptable for many fans of winter fishing – 9000 rubles.

A review of the Ryobi suit Green
No. 5 The N Pole

One of the best versatile costumes – pole N of the company Nova Tour is constructed from lightweight high-tech fabric that protects against snow, wind. Insulation is thermafiber properties of insulation. Winter outfit consists of a jacket and a bib. The jacket has plenty of pockets for storing personal belongings.

Adjustable detachable hood will close from the pressure of the wind. Is a convenient zipper on the sleeves for the regulation of the length of the inner knitted cuffs, two-way zipper. There is also a ring to which are attached gloves. The straps of the dungarees are adjustable for the height of the angler. On his knees tighter fabric that allows you to stand on the snow, pulling the fish out of the hole. The suit is light in weight, can withstand frost of twenty degrees.

The costume price is 4000 rubles.

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