About hooks from Darren Cox

Variety of models of hooks are just huge. And therefore you need to clearly understand what shape, size, what thickness of wire needed for a specific situation for each of the types of fishing (float or bottom).

If you choose any model, it shall perform, and ideally to try in all sizes that wish to use – sometimes the shape, the thickness of the wire make a hook-a real “bomb” only in one size, but it’s not better/not worse than the competitors.

English commercial ponds according to the rules you have to use bezborodny hooks. And there is absolutely no problem. Due to the lack of barbs sting of such hooks is much easier included into the soft tissue of the oral cavity of the fish. Because of this, the number of samozasiti fish they surpass their bearded brothers.

Drennan Carp Feeder with a shoulder and ear

The choice of Darren in situations where “take no prisoners”.

These are the hooks I’m sure when fishing for carp at 100% regardless of what my potocna fishing line. I could swear that I have not had a single round through the fault of this model hooks! The form of this hook is so successful and popular that Drennan produces them unchanged for quite a long time. I have the feeling that everything is changing around in addition to these hooks.
Hooks with a spatula this model is one of those that I use when I catch a big fish, but need a small hook.

For example, I catch 1-2 maggots and I need the hooks from the 20-key to 16-key. These hooks are incredibly strong even in such sizes! They are forged, have a fairly thick wire, stinger bent in a direction relative to the forearm (offset). All this provides the most hardy and strong hook.

Model eye made likewise. It is perfect for hair rigging. Due to their sharpness they are great to work out in samosatene fish when fishing the method.

Not worth much to pay attention to the name – these hooks work perfectly in match fishing, as with the hair snap, and with maggot/caster/pellets directly on the hook.
Use them posadochkuju line to 0.25, inclusive.

Kamasan 911, with shovel and with abalone

Great hooks for ispolzovaniya on commercial waters.

Really very popular among anglers hook. And I know why – it’s reliable, sharp, modern forms the hook. Slightly curved inside sting very long and very sharp, which is very important especially for float and plug fishing when the cutting is in the vertical plane. Due to the sufficient width of the hook-best of all it works with “bachelorette” type nozzles of pellets or die-cuts of ham/bread, or corn. Wire of such thickness that on the one hand it is great for catching small whites and malacara carp, and on the other to cope with unexpectedly thrust “bonus”.

This is an excellent model for hair snap when fishing melacara when you need is quite elegant hooks. It is best proved in small size with potochnoi no thicker than 0.16.

Tubertini 175 and Drennan Barbless Wide Gape Carp

Really solid hooks with a wide poddevom.

There are times when you need a really powerful hooks – thick wire, large size, wide. All of this is necessary when using large attachments when fishing for big fish. For example, I fish near snags or shrubs and waiting for a big fish bite. I’d need to instantly deploy and withdraw from the danger zone, otherwise, hook and breakage of the snap is imminent. But with all this wire thickness less than the classic carp hooks and sting are shorter than the hooks with thinner wire, but sharper, longer doesn’t get dull and a little bent inwards.

Both models are broad enough to suit a couple dendrobe or 8mm cubes of ham and the sting remained open. Additionally, these hooks for me No. 1 when fishing a worm or ham into small places. Models with ring are perfect for hair rigging, and with the spatula to put the nozzle right on them.


Hooks for carp fishing with feeder or match needs to be really durable.

These two models recently took its rightful place in my Arsenal. But I’m very happy with them. QM1 has a unique shape is almost round the hook. Without exaggeration it is the best form available, which provides excellent Samoseiko big fish. If you assume to catch really big carp on the hair snap-ins with a nozzle-type boilie, corn or pellets, these hooks are the best.

As soon as the fish took the head with that hook in your mouth, then it has almost no chance to avoid the tick – off the hook long, very acute, curved inwards and bent towards tip, which provides a notch in any position in the mouth of the fish. And the more he is under pressure, the deeper he enters and sits safer. Wire thickness is such that allows absolutely no worry about reliability.
I prefer these hooks in sizes from 10 to 14 and only to catch quite a large fish. For little things, they are not suitable, I think. Slightly bent the eyelet of the hook facilitates both the binding of the hair snap, and reinforce “samozasiti” effect.

Sometimes fishing when you have to catch melacara with heavy tackle and hooks small rooms with thin wire are absolutely not suitable. In this case, I need the hooks of small size, with round poddevom and thicker wire. Here then come into play hooks model MWG. They have long slightly curved inwards, and the sting is quite powerful wire – they just won’t unbend. In short, this is my “No. 1 choice” in sizes 16-20 with potochnoi to 0.14.

Kamasan B911 F1 and Milo T213

The choice of Darren fishing on the paysite on the cold water.

I used T213 for several years in those cases when I needed bezborodny hooks from a thin wire when fishing for roach and even melacara with leashes 0.08-0.12. New Kamasan B911 F1 are also perfectly suited for this purpose and I often use the cold water. They are especially good this time, plug / socket snap-ins when fishing with pellets, corn or maggots.

Gama Green and Black

Are there better hooks for bloodworm and Joker, than these?

Two beautiful hook when I need really thin wire. When I need bezborodny hook for fishing with bloodworm/Joker (very little pink), I choose the Green Gama. They dull very slowly, and a thin wire so that damage to delicate nozzles will be minimal. It is best to use them with potochnoi 0.06-0.09. Model Gama Black is a bit more powerful and more suitable for fishing on pink/maggot/bloodworm. It is best to use them with potochnoi 0.08-0.12.

Drennan and Kamasan B560 Wide Gape

No. 1 when fishing for bream.

For float fishing on the river, I tried many different hooks, but B560probably the most versatile of all. Also this is my “No. 1 choice” when feeder fishing for bream.

This is one of the sharpest hooks I’ve ever used. And the feeling that they are absolutely not dull. Although its wire is thin enough, and he wide enough, the reliability and sharpness that is absolutely not suffer. As an example, I’ve used it in sizes 12-14 on the feeder with a cord in the main line and potochnoi 0.16 and none was is unfolded!

Drennan Wide Gape is very similar in form, but he forged, has a thicker wire. All this makes it even more suitable for feeder. By the way, these hooks caught the England team at the world Cup in Italy. And they worked there with leashes to 0.20 placitella.

Drennan Fine Match and Sensas 3405 Black

Perfect for fishing, which can be folded in a mayonnaise jar.

Two completely different shape, but equally important to me model hooks. At Drennan Fine Match very fine wire, narrow and broken forms prising, microbology and long handguard. Ideal for catching very small fish on the small nozzles of one of bloodworm/Joker. A thin wire is minimal damage the delicate nozzle, and a narrow hooked just perfect for the smaller mouths of smaller fish. Long handguard facilitates the removal of the hook and putting on the nozzle, which is very important in high-speed sports fishing. These hooks are very soft and delicate, but they always bring me extra bite roach in cold clean water.

Sensas 3405 Black – this is my “No. 1 choice” when fishing a plug with the use of such nozzles as maggots, pink, grain, hemp, casters, bread or bloodworm. Round Hocking holds fish, and sting for a long time, remains acute. However, they are strong enough to withstand the white bream or perch. It’s reliable, but a really neat hook.

Drennan Super Spade and Kamasan Animal

When you need a thick main and gaff is the hook.

This is a very powerful forged hooks of thick wire for catching Chub and barbel on running water. Drennan Super Spade is a very powerful proved to be the best when fishing on the feeder and match. Kamasan Animal a little easier and sharper. It I prefer on the plug. Both hooks have a powerful beak curved inward tip and wide round-prising that holds the fish. When fishing for big and strong fish hook size doesn’t matter – these hooks are the best choice.

From my experience I can say that the hooks for feeder or match fishing should be more powerful than the plug in the same conditions. This is because the load on the hook when fishing a plug much less due to the shock. But even in the case of the plug, you will be surprised how thin the hooks and leashes can be used, if you put a thinner absorber than recommended.

And finally, tips on choosing the hook from Darren Cox:

– sting should be long, sharp and did not lose the urgency;
– the blade should be free of burrs and sharp edges;
– microbiota should be low enough on the tip of the hook;
– ring should be completely closed;
– the size of the spatula should be proportional to the size of hook: small – shallow and wide at large to keep posadochkuju the line thicker diameter;
is bent in the direction of the tip for easier binding hair equipment;
– choose correct ratio of thickness of the wire and potochnoi fishing line;
– forged hooks in the same diameter of the wire is always stronger than conventional hooks;
– curved inward or beak tip is better to keep fish;
– correlate the thickness and the sharpness of the hook with the tips you use;
– grain rice in a box with hooks absorb any moisture and with them almost the hooks do not rust.

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