About new clothes. About the bulls

Here begins the new fishing season, and along with it come new fishing lure. About one of such novelties of the season 2018 I would like to tell. We will focus on the rubber, namely vibrohvosta.

It would seem that you can come up with the new in such a hackneyed subject as vibrohvosta? There is a huge variety of lures of this type, but as practice shows to think everything is still possible, it would wish.

I think many of you know about the existence of silicone baits, like a fish, like bull. This fish species is a welcome treat for almost any predator, whether it be bass, walleye or pike. Manufacturers seek to more accurately copy the shape of this fish, to make the silicone more palatable and, accordingly, like a real bull. I believe that such producer as Crazy Fish turned out to make this bait better than others.

The basis was taken a well known Nano Minnow bait, after some manipulations, it turned out a modified version of the Nano Minnow bait in the form of a bull.

The appearance of the bait has changed almost beyond recognition. I think that if you show people the old and the new model, he even did not think that it is one and the same model. The updated version added the fins, there was a distinct outline of the head, the body came the foil, and the backs added the slot for the hook.

This model is available in 3 sizes:

  • 2.8 inch = 7.1 cm
  • 3.5 inch = 8.9 cm
  • 5 inches = 12.7 cm

And is divided into floating and not floating model.

I first caught on this lure last fall, when I was a pre-production samples and then I realized that they have to carry. In the end, that autumn, at the first fishing with the “bull-calves” I manage in a short period of time to catch some nice bass and perch.


In the beginning of this season I know they went on sale and immediately take a dozen packs. The priority was the smallest model – 2.8 inch, it is more versatile suitable for many ponds and will catch both small and large fish.

The bait can be equipped like double, and offset. For him there is a slit, which allows to use an offset hook and does not affect the effectiveness of the implementation of the strikes.

In the first opening day of the season I decided to swim to the boat and swim using only one bait and this is just a new Nano Minnow. Part of the lures I rigged doubles for fishing on clean eyebrows, and part of the timing for fishing in snags.

The first performances was lumps before 3 to 5 meters. They were clean enough and I tried to catch with the twins. Literally from the first 4-5 plays, the walleye were active, but to call it a perch it was impossible, rather they can be called children of Sudak. However, the fish bite and quite maliciously.

After walking some time of relief and realizing that the big perch here at the moment, I decide to sail into the channel with a large number of snags and see what happens in it. It turns out that the channel also virtually no perch, it seems he’s still moving away from the spawn and his place was taken by a small pike, which actively manifested itself.

It was necessary to make only accurate pass under the fallen trees into the water. All the pike were hiding in the crown and waited for passing prey. This haul and found my goby, which pike gladly attacked.

From one point I managed to catch 3 pike in a very short period of time. Tried different colors and everything worked. I really wanted to test the 5 inch bait, I left them for some time and have not received not one bite. Yes, of course, even such a small pike could attack, but this bait for larger fish, I will try to test them a bit later, when the Shatura lakes fish activity closer to 100% now that would be interesting!

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