Bait for redfin

Often the Rudd caught in zakormlen. In stores bait for redfin is available in a wide assortment, on this there is no problem.

It is best to add the bait nozzle, not any, namely that which will catch. Optionally, the bait you can add flavorings, Rudd loves the smell of strawberry, anise, pear and coriander. Make your bait for the redfin was more turbid, you can add a bit of soil.

The soil should be sifted through a sieve, and it will not only add Muti, and will cause the bait to work on over a long period of time.

Well, those who do not trust the purchase baits can prepare it at home. Ingredients for bait is not particularly difficult, you only need:

  • Breadcrumbs (1 Cup);
  • Ground sunflower seeds (1 Cup) sunflower seeds, if not, then you can apply the cake;
  • Oatmeal (0.5 Cup), preferably milled;
How better to lure Rudd

Components can be mixed at home, but add the water fishing. Be sure to take water from the same pond. But I will say from my own experience, if the water at home without bleach and you drink it, it is unlikely to scare away the fish. Although you never know, it is better to take the water from the pond.

If the bait is applied to the bread or dough, it is also necessary to soak the water from the pond. As for flavors for baits, they should be the same smell as bait. And best place to order activator biting fishhungry and add it to the bait.

Sometimes it helps out the experiment, it is not necessary to refer to one bait or the bait composition. As soon as you notice that the bite is intensively reduced, try changing the depth of fishing or nozzle, you can try to add to the groundbait something new.

By the way, to start fishing better in the bottom layers of water, then gradually move to the surface in search of the right depth. In place of casting it is recommended to throw a little bait, small portions. This will lure a flock of fish to your bait, and in a competitive environment, its care will decrease slightly. And fish will not deprive you attention, and you her.

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