Bait for tench

To consistently and well also you need to catch and feed. And when fishing for tench this rule also works. From my experience I can say that it is very good bait for tench is chopped earthworm mixed with the soil.

The main thing that the fish accustomed to the bait. Once the fish begin to swim around the pond at one point the real fishing begins.

If fishing is planned short, groundbait for tench should be properly distributed on the whole process of fishing. I must say, you do not need to give preference multicomponent mixture. This food will attract all the small fish out of the pond. Small fish will not allow Lin to come to your bait and the fishing will be unsuccessful.

It is best to use a dry mix of groundbait. Sometimes the purchase bait just need to add a little mud and it will work just flawlessly, and if that doesn’t work, then add the activator biting fish xxl and the hat.

Lin is very sensitive to smells, and our foreign friends like to add them everywhere, therefore, import of bait it is better not to use, give preference to domestic producers. Is act as ground earth taken from the wormhole. Here it is already dug out and spread it is not necessary, because it without.

If it is possible to buy bait just yet, it is easy to do yourself. First you need to soak in water is fresh bread, then mix it with the ground. It is better to choose rye bread, because white will lure too much detail. Sabaneyev wrote that the best bait for tench is the cheese. It is likely that fish just loves sour food, but a trifle to such baits is negative.

Recipe of bait for tench with his hands

Recipe of bait for tench with his hands is very simple, and it is quite easy to make at home, all you need is:

  • 8 pieces of coastal land (pre-sifted through a sieve);
  • 1 piece of rye bread (best to dry it in the oven and then grind);
  • 1 piece of Hercules (need to do the same as with bread);
  • 1 part of ground oil cake (cake).

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