Browse fancy lure from space – Lucky John Alien Bug

It would seem that the trademark Lucky John is all possible with soft lures that are needed by a modern angler. Yes, it’s true. But Lucky John was not going to stop there and offers us a brand new model of edible silicone called Alien Bug.

LJ Alien Bug is a fancy insect that reminds us of the beetle with antennae and legs. But, this bug has a tail, but rather a pronounced heel like of a shad.

Such a combination, a mixture of creatures and of a shad lure makes Bug Alien and universal at the same time unique.

The versatility of the bug Alien Bug is that this bait works well on absolutely any wiring, installation and hardware.


Regardless of size, Alien Bug you can equip at a single hook, double or opsitnik and use this bait on the hinge installation jig head, jig Riga or on driver snap-ins, such as: setback, Carolina, drop-shot and a spleen shot.

To animate this beetle can be quite varied, regardless of the choice of bait size and range of equipment.

1.Classic jig wiring – 2-3 turns of the coil, pause.

2.Blowing a rod, picking up the slack of the fishing line coil with the use of pause.


4.Chaotic, improvised wiring


6.Uniform wiring.

Combination transactions: 1-2-3; 1-3; 5-4; 2-3; 2-6; 4-6; 1-5.

Lure LJ Alien Bug is available in 9 popular colors and has 2 sizes 1.5” – 40mm. and 2.5” – 65mm.


The silicone composition includes an attractant, and the smell of mackerel, which is so fond of any of our freshwater predator.

Consider LJ Alien Bug the size of 1.5”.

Little Alien Bug in the 40mm size. weighs 1.3 grams. and does not exclude pogruzheny installation using light and ultralight tackle.

Equip the beetle on single hook No. 6 or offset No. 8. Also this lure goes well with double, as it has a broad dense body. Perfect double size for this lure No. 4.

LJ Alien Bug the size of 1.5” has worked well for perch, and both active and passive.

Best of all, this bug is worked on the hinge Assembly and snap jig rig using dinamica and double.


In addition to the bass from 40 mm fancy lure will not refuse to eat bersh, medium-sized perch, pike and Chub. Although, it is possible that other fish species will surprise and will interest the Alien Bag 1.5”.

Consider LJ Alien Bug the size of 2.5”.

In comparison with his younger brother LJ Alien Bug in the 65mm size. look like a solid, well-fed tropical cockroach and it weighs 3.8 grams.

Undoubtedly, pogruzheny cockroach in the 65mm size. will be very useful in shallow, heavily overgrown areas of the pond when fishing for pike and perch. Only in such cases it is best to equip on an offset hook No. 2.

Also, this bait does not exclude the classical mounting on the jig-head, or swivel mounting using double number 1. At various driver the snap-ins it is best to use for this bait offset hook. As the younger brother of Alien Bug 2.5” proved to be excellent on jigs jig rig with the use of offset hooks when fishing for pike.

Despite the fact that the Alien Bug in the 65mm size. looks quite voluminous, does not abandon him and with a big appetite and eats even a small perch. And perches and all were delighted with this new fancy lures.

Experiment with various snap-ins, wires and weights to the bait, because LJ Alien Bug gives You the opportunity to ask how passive the game, the bait and the active, and catch fish anytime of the year regardless of weather conditions and mood of fish.

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