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But this is to some extent exacerbated the situation, because they became much harder to choose, prices have increased dramatically, and manufacturers of defective products has taken a strong position on the fishing market. Let’s deal with the tough questions and try to learn how to choose a really good carp rods.

To date, a wide range of rods, provided by specialized shops can not compare with a few fishing rods that you could buy ten years ago. A time when I, together with his companions running around the city in search of Century and FOX to at least look at them is already long gone. Today you can freely buy any carp rods.

Classification of fishing rods for carp fishing

Carp rods can be divided into several classes, if you take the key, they can select three.

Classification of fishing rods is carried out in accordance with their system. Let’s consider them in more detail:

  • First class universal fishing-rod for catching of carp, which is typical for the average system. Such rods are perfect for fishing both on the lake and on the river. Using such rods in combination with weights of 100 – 150 grams, you can bring the gear to a distance of 140 meters. Buy a carp rod would be the best solution for people who get one (universal) set of gear. Such rods may consist of several tribes, namely from 2 to 6 and their length is of the order of 3,6 -3,9 meters;
  • The following class – telescopic carp rods with a parabolic system, anglers they are often called parabolics. For fishing on the course they don’t fit, ideal for fishing with such rods there is a lake with a clean bottom. The maximum distance at which I delivered the tackle that rod was about 120 meters, you can succeed more. Such long rods is the same as the previous. Test these rods is 50 – 100 grams;
  • Third class carp rods for long casting. They allow you to bring gear for a distance of 140 metres when using sinkers weighing 150-200 grams. Maximum casting distance snap with the use of such rods is 274 meters, and it was a world record. Such stick carpatica used for fishing in the fast current and long distances, for example in reservoirs or large rivers.

The second class of rods is highly specialized.

And telescopic fishing rods for carp can still be divided into three categories:

  • The first is a short carp rods (long and 1.8–2.7 meters) are fishing rods designed for carp fishing in remote places, where long rods would be impossible to catch, for example, near the reed-beds or bushes. Often, such rods consist of two tribes and have average test. Some anglers use them for carp fishing with boats;
  • The second is the rod designed for fishing on water surface with floating nozzles. Often this fishing rod two knee length with medium action. Using floats for distant casting can cast tooling at a distance of 60 or 70 meters;
  • The third is a lightweight carp rods Barbel, Avon, Specialist which are suitable for carp fishing in small size on the float or feeder. Often, such rods are equipped with interchangeable upper knee. Their test is not more than 100 grams.
Brand carp fishing rods

Manufacturers of carp rods a lot, some make a good tackle, and some not so.

But leaders in the market for a long time remain only a few companies that produce quality equipment is:

  • Mikado;
  • Fox;
  • Salmo;
  • Daiwa;
  • Jaxon;
  • Volzhanka.

If you examine the lineup of these manufacturers you will notice there as cheap carp rods, sticks and high class of the corresponding price categories.

What a carp rod to buy

For beginner anglers, it is best to purchase a rod length of 3.5 – 4 meters. These rods are best suited for fishing with large and medium distances. If properly throw, and choose an appropriate set of gear, you will easily be able to deliver the bait at a distance of 120 to 125 m. These rods are very popular among fishermen.

Prices on carp rods

One of the key parameters when choosing a carp fishing rod is its price. And here the choice enters into a stupor even the most experienced fishermen, what to speak about beginners. You can find a fishing rod for $ 20 and can and for $ 300, and sometimes even more. As practice shows, often the price matches the quality fishing rods. But do not just grab the most expensive rod. For beginners it is recommended to buy the fishing rod, the price of which is from 50 to 100 dollars.

The best budget rod for carp fishing

Let’s look at the ranking of the best and affordable rods for carp fishing. I decided to make so you will not have to pay more, and sometimes some just do not have that opportunity.

So let’s look at the low-end models of fishing rods.

  1. Daiwa Black Widow Carp – the best combination of price and quality among rods. The power of the blank rod is quite large and is 3.75 librow. Features make it easy to use the rod for long casting.
  2. DAIWA Windcast Carp – rod has very good features and refers to the average price category.
  3. Fox Warrior – a series of rods for carp fishing belonging to the middle price class. Range is quite broad and includes marker and spotovye rods.
  4. Jaxon Cantara Carp – rod, consisting of three parts, which belongs to the middle price class. Through the use of composite materials in production, the company Jaxon managed to get a high quality product with low price.
  5. Salmo Diamond 3PCS CARP 3.6 m – Latvian company happy fishermen catching great carp rods three-pillar model. The price of such pleasure is quite low and affordable even for beginners.
  6. Salmo Taifun CARP Tele 3.3 – one of the best telescopic rods for carp fishing with an average build. Through the use of fiberglass in production, the rod is very light, about 300 grams and can easily be balanced by selecting a powerful coil.
  7. Mikado Amberlite Medium Carp rod Mikado, which attracts fishermen. The rod is quite powerful, has a solid form and the sensitive tip. Used in production of high quality composite materials.
  8. Volzhanka Carp series carp rods from all the well-known Russian producer. Great for fishing from the shore using heavy loads and feeders. The rod is quite easy to transport as it gets out of order in three parts.

Marker carp rods

Marker carp rods are used to study the characteristics of the water bottom. Experienced anglers using a marker rod easily determine the depth and topography of a fishing spot, and then can choose the most promising place to lure them.

The main feature of a marker rod is good transmission of vibration to the hand of carpatica. If you have even the slightest practice, you can replace the marker every other rod with the test 80-100 grams. This weight is usually enough to deliver the float to the required distance and a quick dive to the bottom. But you will be able to determine only the depth, but to explore the terrain without a special fishing rod with a sensitive tip, just not enough.

To distinguish the token from normal carp rods is almost impossible, it has a length of about 3.5 m and the test is around 2.75 Lbs. To study the characteristics of the bottom have to use rods with large parameters. For example, a rod with 4 Lbs test (100-140 grams) and a length of about 4 meters will allow even the novice to deliver the marker to a distance greater than 140 metres.

Marker rods are usually marked elevations in feet. This allows releasing the fishing line from the spool to assume its length until float on the surface. This technique allows to determine the depth of the shery.

Carp feeder fishing rod

Many anglers prefer to use carp feeder rods, which in addition to the snap-in is completed with still and feeders. The choice of feeder rods for carp is not an easy task, as this fish is very strong and the rod should be powerful and also quite reliable. Feeder fishing rod must have a medium or fast action to get the carp to go to the beach, and not to drag the rig snags.

Feeder rod is versatile as it allows catching carp on all waters. It shows itself equally well to a reservoir, river or overgrown lake. But don’t forget about the ban on fishing during the spawning season to catch carp on the feeder is prohibited.

Because of the peculiarities of carp, namely due to the fact that he’s looking for food on the bottom, it is very good to catch demersal gear. For such purposes, developed a special rod for carp fishing. The peculiarity of these rods is a great test because fishing for carp involves the use of very heavy loads.

What is different karpovoe a fishing-rod from the feeder?

The main difference between carp rods from the feeder is its power. It is designed for use with heavy tackle and the fight with the fish strong fish of large size. And the structure of carp rods is quite different, it is completely devoid of elegance, which is inherent in a feeder rod.

Carp rods are considered to be strictly functional and their main goal is catch trophy copies. All components are of high strength ranging from powerful and sturdy hilt, ending with a heightened capacity rings.

Often carp rods in length does not exceed 4 meters, though, and allow long casts. Probably this is possible and to complete the list of criteria and indicators on the topic of what distinguishes karpovoe a fishing-rod from the feeder.

A typical and widely respected representative of this class of fishing – rods- Salmo Taifun TeleCarp. His test is 100 grams, long about 3 meters and it is made of high quality materials. These options allow you with full confidence to fight with a strong fish on rivers and lakes. With this rod you can fish for carp, Amur and silver carp without worrying about reliability.

Match carp rod

Match carp rods have been designed for use in snap-ins designed for long casting. The main thing that this rod had a higher density and average build. Significance test match rods for carp fishing is not. Much more important to pick the right weight and float. The advantage of match rods is the possibility of fishing during the spawning season when feeder fishing is prohibited. In addition, the main advantage of such rods is the ability to use them on the overgrown reservoirs full of snags.

Also for fishing during the ban on remote reservoirs you can apply the classic float rod, because thanks to modern production technologies, they can sometimes exceed the characteristics of even a special fishing rod for carp fishing. Do not forget about that overgrown ponds the carp prefer to feed near the shore, so to use these fishing rods is quite profitable.

Choosing a fishing rod for match carp fishing you should pay special attention to the material from which it is made. Just a couple of years ago, fiberglass was considered the best material for such purposes. But the last few years it is inferior to composite materials with carbon fiber, which can help you to achieve greater sensitivity and power of the rod at a lower price.

Instead of outcomes I want to talk a bit about the choice of the brand of the rod. Definitely a great carp rods are English fishing rods from manufacturers Chub, Fox, Bruce Ashby, Century, Free Spirit, Nash, Sonik, Wychwood. Also a pretty good gear doing the Japanese firm Shimano, and Daiwa, which many heard because of their excellent high quality coils. Cheap, but reliable fishing rods for carp fishing produces the German company Balzer and Korean Banax.

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  2. Thank you for explaining the different rods and their purpose,i am carp fishing for many years and used many makes of rods (fiber glass) ones as for today they are carbon .As a matter of choice i say to all my friends if the rod you use doesn’t say SHIMANO its not a SHIMANO ,i am not saying British rods are not superior ,and the same for BALZER rods ……..i think a lot of rod manufactures can learn something from the Germans just sad to say its hard to buy BALZAR rods in my country as the tackle shop has stop ordering them as SHIMANO,DAIWA, OKUMA has dominated the market ,its just sad as i really like BALZAR rods specially the Feeder rods that has been endorsed by FEEDER MASTER MICHEAL ZAMMATARO. i have two of his method rods in my collection ,also i must say that carp gear has become very expensive .

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