Casting rod what it is

A casting rod is a fishing rods that are designed most often for bait casting reel.

They have a handle protrusion, which in the people call a “trigger” – it provides secure retention of the casting tackle in hand.

What is a casting rod?

This ring gear feature smaller diameter and a lower location on the spinning, which increases the sensitivity tackle.

Casting the rod easy to distinguish in the store from conventional spinning in appearance:

  •  fastening of the coil is located on top of the rod;
  • ledge for easy hold of the rod, is located on the opposite side of the handle that is on the bottom of the spinning. This “trigger”, by fishing, is located between the index and ring fingers;
  • choke ring is lower and smaller than usual. Located at the top of the fishing rod while catching fish.

Characteristics and choice of rods

Characteristics are mostly determined by the same way as in conventional spinning.

The best hand baitcasting rods:

  • Excellent sensitivity when posting bait and bite;
  • Full control over the bait and when playing a fish that provide comfort while fishing;
  • Instant cutting;
  • Versatility, which enables the use of many options of using different lures and methods of fishing.

The disadvantages include the higher cost of the casting equipment and, sometimes, the inconvenience of the cast when using very light lures.

Popular manufacturers of baitcasting rods.

Today, almost all stores, every angler-buyer dazzled at the sight of the huge selection of rods from different manufacturers. Maybe someone will help names of manufacturers of baitcasting reels, which are tested by us many times and in different conditions.


Daiwa spinning rods is a series of rods that have become classics among the anglers.

The excellent sensitivity of the rods allows you to feel everything, even the smallest unevenness on the bottom, or the slightest bite when fishing for fish.

The material from which made fishing rods Daiwa, easy to gear and very high strength.


This producer, for catching freshwater fish can be attributed to one of the leaders in this direction. All rods are equipped with many high-tech components, and have a great finish. Rings on rods, mainly installed at the new scheme, and, thanks to several Raynham, which are made in extended form, on the Graphiteleader rods are eliminated tangling and overlap expensive Japanese soft braided lines.

The rods have comfortable ergonomic katushkoderzhatelem, thanks to which the hand is constantly on the handle, and index finger could easily reach Blanca spinning, which provides the best sensitivity. The Graphiteleader rods differ mainly in their stiffness, but, at the same time, ease tackle, and sensitivity.

St. Croix

With experience of over 50 years, a highly specialized American company St.Croix is a bright representative of the production of elite spinning rods. The company is a near-constant leadership in all the exhibitions in the nomination “the Best in this price range.”

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