Catch a big catfish on Kwok

Today the market of fishing tackle offers a variety of artificial lures for catching trophy production. But the old Kwok on catfish remains the primary method for targeted fishing freshwater giant.

This tool to attract the attention of the fish you buy at the store or make your own. However, each product must be configured like a musical instrument. What is the secret of ulovistost this method how to pick Kwok and what technique you need to adhere to?

Design features Kwok

On the counters of fishing shops you can find many different options to Kwok. A hereditary soratniki use old-fashioned tools, carefully tending them. They occupy the most honorable place in the Arsenal anglers. What is Kwok how this product?

At first glance this device for luring catfish looks simple enough.

The indispensable parts of any Kwok are:

  • the handle, which must fit comfortably in the hand of the Fisher;
  • the patch, which creates a gurgling sound when in contact with the surface of the water;
  • or knife foot – the element connecting the handle to snout.

In the traditional version of all of these individual parts are cut from a single piece of wood. Best of all proved such woods as maple or Apple. Modern Kwok are usually prefabricated. So the handles is wood. Knife manufacturers make light-weight and durable duralumin alloy. The patch can be both metallic and wooden.

Photo 1. Various models of Kwok.

Each of the elements in different Kwok may vary. The shape of the handle is adapted to anthropological characteristics of a person. The patch may be circular or oval. Leg is straight or bent. In the assembled tool can be extended in line between the handle and knife is an obtuse angle. So is the patch in some models, attached perpendicular to the leg, and in some products is at a slight angle. In summary, the conclusion. Kwok allows anglers to experiment, every detail can be executed from different materials and give it the desired shape. It is important to get in the end device, which is convenient to operate and which produces a sound that attracts catfish.

Manufacturing technology Kwok

As example, the following manufacturing technology Kwok.

  1. The handle is carved from wood, the length and thickness is chosen under the hand of the angler. For a basis we can take the handle of a chisel or other construction tool. To grip last a long time angler, it should be treated with waterproof impregnation and varnish.
  2. Knife easiest to do from a piece of aluminum. Suit and other lightweight stainless steel metal. For someone it is easier to make them foot oak Board.
  3. Piglet modern anglers have learned how to make epoxy glue. For this leg is fixed in the vise, and on the end is made form clay. Then, in the form of a filled epoxy adhesive. After solidification processing with a file or sandpaper.

Recommended! To ensure secure fastening of the patch with a leg, you need to bury duralumin plate into the clay on 5 mm. To the best joints in the leg are drilled two holes.

  1. It is best to provide adjustable connection option arm with a knife. Then fishing will be easier to choose the optimal angle.
Snap-on catfish with Kwok

Fishing with Kwok is not only the ability to work with a quality tool. To catch trophy fish requires a heavy-duty tackle. There are several options of fishing rods for this method of fishing. Since hunting is done with out any equipment, gear equipped with a short rod or all tooling is wound on motoviltse. When building fishing rods it is important to take into account the amount of potential trophy. If the river or reservoir, there are giants weighing up to 100 kg, each item of gear must withstand this load.

Photo 2. Kwok from the tree.

Side rod

For the Assembly of side rods for catfish fishing you will need the following items.

  1. The role of the rod will fit like a modern sea or carp sticks with a length of 3 m, and the old dvuhmestnye duralumin rods.

Please note! There is often a failure duralumin spinning in the junction. Before fishing, check carefully the reliability of the fastening.

  1. As Somavia fishing from a boat requires far casting, selecting a coil you can give preference to metal inertia model type “Neva”. If the angler more used to the “grinder” that should not save. Need to buy a carp model with size spools of 5000 and above. Before fishing, you need to release the friction brake, or use the bait runner. This is done for the safety of the angler, as when a powerful bite, the rod can slip out of your hands or cause damage to the butt.
  2. As the main fishing line can be used network or a monoscaffold. Breaking strength of any thread should match the weight of the intended trophy.
  3. On the main line is mounted the weight is 10-30, Its mission is to quickly deliver tooling to a predetermined depth. Someone recommends a rolling installation, other anglers attach a sinker still. For Somavia fishing method of attachment of cargo does not matter.
  4. The leash is made from Monolake or fluorocarbon with a lower breaking strength than the base. At the end of the leash is bound with a large triple hook. When using large live bait anglers have come up with different rigging with two hooks for catching catfish in Kwok.

Monitor the bite by the rod tip, or wait for catfish will start to unwind the fishing line.

Tackle on motoviltse

Many provincial anglers successfully mined a large catfish with a simple and cheap gear. All tools are homemade is wound on motoviltse.

  1. The basis for this rod is a reliable cord. This can be a nylon rope, thick monofilament or braid.
  2. At the end of the base attached the weight is 20-30 g.
  3. Higher weights (0.5 – 1 m) is attached to the first leash. It is made from monofilament fishing line and large hook. Most anglers use doubles or tees for the formation of voluminous baits.
  4. After another 1 m mounted to the second leash. The number of leads is usually limited to 1-3 pieces.

With such gear, the angler will not have to bored. In the hand must always be a power that allows you to play along with the bait and to drop below or lift above the snap.

Use tackle on motoviltse poses some threat to the safety of the angler. The fact that the big catfish bite can occur entanglement of the fishing line over the arm or leg of a person. The giant fish is no problem to drag the fisherman into the water and drown him. So experienced soratniki keep a stock of fishing line on motoviltse, but as soon as there is a strike, after the strike vented from the line.


Before catching catfish in Kwok, the angler will have to take care of natural baits. Very rarely to catch in this way large prey, using artificial bait.

It is therefore necessary to devote several hours to search attractive feed.

  • The most popular and affordable bait is the worm. Optimal Nightcrawlers, which reach a length of 30 cm, They are collected in a green area in the dark, armed with a flashlight. For a single fishing will need about 20-30 worms.
  • Live bait is used to hunt for the giant predator. Sometimes anglers are willing to devote the harvesting of live bait on some days. For example, when the goal is to catch a pound of IDE. A good bait will carp with a weight of 300-500 g.
  • Frogs attracted the attention of soma their movements in the water. The predator rises quickly in the upper horizons in order to profit by the frog. To get the bait you need on the ponds with nets.
  • The available bait is the shell-thick shelled river mussel. It is extracted from the bottom of rivers and lakes, the hook is pushed the body shell.
  • A good bait is the locust or mole cricket. Only the prevalence of these large insects is dependent on the region.
  • In the absence of living organisms can be stick on the hook fish meat or cancer. Even a piece of chicken suited to the role of bait. But some restless anglers willing to test the myth about irresistible smoked chicken in the extraction record catfish.
How to catch catfish on Kwok: the choice of location, technique Kvacany

Successful fishing on Kwok is impossible without knowledge about the habitats of this predator and its habits. Local fishermen from generation to generation secret pass the point where is constantly kept som. Other hunters giant will help in the search of trophy fish finder.

  • The main points of the Parking lot of this big fish are big holes. Daytime catfish lying on the bottom, a night out on the adjacent shoals and arranges bloody feast. Therefore, the main task for fishermen is to make a resting predator to rise in the middle layers of the water and grab the bait.
  • Best places for catching catfish on Kwok are the bends of rivers with steep krutoyary, deep pools, and entrances of river meanders. To explore the need and the edge of the bed, carefully passing the boat every drop of depths.

Photo 3. Attractive driftwood on the river.

To arouse the catfish appetite in the daytime first, a sound processing Kwok. This is done on a particular system. Kochanie starts with 3-4 rhythmic beats on the surface of the water, followed by a pause 10 to 20 seconds. Armed with a fish finder anglers can follow, how does soma work on Kwok. It is advisable to use a proven tool, which received the approval of experienced somatica. Then there will be sanding technique Kvacany, rejecting the version of the unsuitability of Kwok. To compare the sound of your Kwok, you can videos from famous anglers. They are easy to find on the Internet.

As soon as the catfish will move to the bait, there must be complete silence. Otherwise, you can scare of a predator who decided to attack the bait. Sometimes the predator for some reason stops halfway. Maybe he loses sight of the bait, so it is helpful to play up a bit snap-in. If som again sent to the bottom, you would have cochiti, or take a swim over a lot of fish.

Features playing big catfish

Details to understand how to catch catfish, you should listen to the advice of experienced anglers about the fight with the fish captured prey.

  • First, go for a large predator, you need two. If the fish in 10-15 kg, you can handle it alone, then expect a positive outcome in the struggle with the heavier “athletes” is risky.
  • The second tip for the slip catfish in the boat. Some of the boats to be afraid of strong roll aboard. When fishermen move to one side, and then add a load of 40-60 kg, imperceptibly the boat can scoop water and will have to think about our salvation and not about fish.
  • The appearance of the big fish in the boat carries a certain risk. When the catfish will begin to “kick” and turn out, may not be enough space one of the fishermen. There are cases when there was a loss of people from the boat in the water.
  • Before you begin removing the giant out of the water, should be good to tire the fish. Enough tired predator needs under the gills. If you have protective gloves, you can try to catch catfish in the lower jaw. It is important not to get yourself a large hook.

The easy way out! When fishing occurs close to shore, caught a catfish on Kwok easier to tow in shallow water. And then, gently leaving the boat, to pull the prey to the shore.

Fishing for catfish on Kwok’s boats are not only interesting and effective. Angler is fair game with the giants, getting from fight a decent shot of adrenaline.

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