Catching fish advice from seasoned fishermen

Chub the fish loves bright and spacious place with a strong current. Their attacks on small Dace, Chub and other fish it produces from deep water, from areas with abrupt changes of currents, sandbanks. In these places it is found in large flocks.

But in areas with slow current, lakes and reservoirs tries to avoid large crowds. Large specimens and even live alone.

Often you can find an exciting “fight” the fish, when he produces a kind of attack, striking the tail on the surface of the water, thereby stunning the victim.

Habits and habitats

To get close to him very difficult. He’s smart, very cunning and careful. The reward is fishing, only in compliance with all of the factors that determine the behavior of the predator. The most important role in fly fishing with the spinning rod setting plays a competent tackle. Fishing well is carried out using a two-handed spinning.

The coil can be leniency a wire in diameter 0.5-0.6 mm. is also Used spinning reel with fishing line 0.4 mm Baits will serve as an “allowance” of lead or brass, or spoon lures with a coating of enamel. Often you can find bait, consisting of a combination of a spinner and attached to the fishing line the hook with tying in the feather.

One of the most efficient baits “Devon” brass, lead and enamel

The secrets of successful fishing

Summer is coming,which means soon you can go to have a rest on reservoirs, rivers and lakes. Someone with a family is travelling abroad, and someone armed with rods going to the shore fast and slow rivers. Everyone chooses the rest. Catching big Chub that live alone, is probably one of the most difficult and unforgettable. You must understand that this fish, in spite of enthusiastic combat, able to pay attention to what is happening around him changes.

If the angler is not careful in the approach to the place of supply of fish, the predator can easily see its shadow. Fishing in such a situation you can not even start, no bait and lures will not help.

If you managed to get to the place of fishing unnoticed, the chances to catch a predator markedly increased. If it was a bad bite, then throw the bait should be spaced 1.5 meters from the point of impact. When posting, be as accurate as possible to mimic the behavior of stunned fish. That is, letting the bait fall lightly, abruptly pull her from the water column. If when posting, the ASP did not fell for your tricks, you will likely have to wait for the next attack of a predator. When you grip the bait is immediately felt on the spinning. Further actions should be aimed at wearing down the enemy.

Everything needs to be done with extreme caution so as not to break the tackle. To detect its habitat fast water can be the characteristic spikes. For creates ripples that allows you to come to the place of fishing with confidence, without fear of being discovered. This allows you to get comfortable. The bait should be in the upper layers of water.Fishing in lakes and reservoirs is a very challenging task, it is especially careful and react to any noises. The best period of catching the fish is the period from June to September, when there are warm Sunny days. In the spring it is difficult to catch, but after reading this article about spring fishing, Your chances will increase significantly. During the cold periods of the year can do to stop pecking.

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